Are You Mine?

Just your average cliche 'good girl meets bad boy' fanfiction. You can deny it, but deep down we all need a little bit of cliche fanfiction.
// So I started writing this on Wattpad but it didn't really get noticed because I'm just a little fish in a big Wattpad sea. I sort of feel like I actually matter on Movellas because I got 100K READS ON FFTE (my most popular ff) DJDJJWJRBF, so I'm going to post this here and see the reaction and if it does well, I might continue writing it :).


3. Gotta love your neighbours

Chapter 3

My mother burst into my room. "Skylar, the neighbours have invited us over for a barbecue. Get ready." She ordered. I sighed and slowly got off my bed.

"What if I don't want to go?" I mumbled to myself. I really didn't have to do much, I just put my shoes back on. I put my scissors in my pocket, grabbed my phone and went to the living room.

"Come on, we're going now." My dad said. My little sister was nervous. She's super shy, like me, but worse.

My mom knocked on our neighbour's door. A blonde-haired lady answered the door. "Hi!" She cheered giving my parents individual hugs. "Who are these pretty girls?" She asked directing her attention to me and Cassidy.

"The little one is Cassidy, and the teenager is Skylar." My mother answered. The lady flashed us a smile and led us to there garden behind their house. My heart stopped when I saw Luke on his phone. Luke is my neighbour?!

"Luke! Get over here!" She yelled. Luke grunted and slumped his way over to the rest of his family. "I'm Liz, this is my husband Andrew, and my sons Ben, Jack," She point at Luke. "and Luke."

Just hearing his name gave me butterflies. Luke looked at me and gave me a small smile. Crap, he saw me staring at him. He returned to the chair he was sitting on and went back on his phone. I really wanted to talk to him, but about what? My body didn't let me hesitate from walking to him any longer.

I pulled up a chair and sat next to him. I noticed he had a lip piercing. Oh my god it was hot. "Nice lip piercing." I complimented.

"I have a girlfriend." He muttered, not taking his attention off his phone.

"I said nice lip piercing, not 'fuck me daddy'." I replied rather rudely after not thinking. Luckily for me, he thought it was funny and laughed.

"Sorry. You're right." He said.

"Yeah so um... what ya doing?" I asked leaning over to see what was on his phone. He immediately put his phone down.

"Nothing." He answered sort of glaring at me.

"Sounds like fun...?" I replied. We sat there in silence. I really should leave this is so awkward. I got up walked to my little sister.

"Do you know that boy?" She asked. I was sure Luke could hear us. We weren't that far away from him.

"Nah." I answered.

"Do you like him?" She giggled. What was I going to say? I couldn't say I liked him... but I couldn't say that I don't, because then he'll... you know... think that I'm not interested in him and he'll never talk to me as more than a friend. Not that we were friends. "What would you know about liking someone? At least I'm not the one who's sexually confused." I teased. Cassidy hit my leg.

"Ow." I said sarcastically. My mom walked up to us. "Why don't you two socialise?" She suggested.

"Egh." I grunted. I saw Luke with the corner of my eye look up at me. I hesitated to look back at him.

"Why don't you talk to Luke?" She said, pointing at him.

"Cassidy doesn't want to." Cassidy showed clear signs of fear to help out my argument. "She has social anxiety."

"No she doesn't!" My mother insisted.

"What's that?" Cassidy asked.

"It means you're very shy." I explained. She nodded.

"Now go talk to someone!" My mother demanded. I completely ignored her and sat down on the grass with Cassidy where we were, so we were still two meters away from Luke. I could tell this was slightly awkward for him.

"Aren't you going to talk to anyone?" Cassidy asked. I moaned. "Ok... maybe not then."

"Food is ready!" Luke's dad called out. My little sister got up and ran. I got up but kind of just stood there. Luke walked past me, shoving me a bit. He turned around.

"You're not eating anything?" He asked. I completely ignored his question. "Uhh... Skylar?" Oh my god he knows my name.

"Huh?" I said blankly. He looked at me confused.

"Never mind..." He said walking away. I sat in the chair he was sitting in. He came back with a tray that had food on it. "Um... I was sitting there." He pointed out.

"And I'm sitting here now. Nice knowing you." I responded.

"Okay. I'll just sit on you."

"What?" Before I knew it Luke was on my lap. I chocked as his body weight collided with mine.

"OH MY GOD Luke! Get off!" I demanded.

"Nah." My little sister sat on the chair next to us.

"What happened here?" She laughed.

"Your sister has transformed into a chair." He replied with his mouth full. I started to struggle. "Stop moving, chair." He ordered.

"Stop speaking with your mouth full!" I snapped. He laughed. My little sister ran off.

"How old is she?" He asked.

"She's ten." I answered. He finally got off me and I sighed of relief. "Now get off that chair before I sit on you again." I quickly got off the chair and ran away.

My crush just used me as a seat. Besides almost dying, I didn't mind it...

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