You Make Life So Beautiful

A natural red-headed girl comes home back to the small town where she was born. Corn everywhere in the state of Iowa. She comes home to be more closer to her family, after being at Iowa School for the Deaf for one year. During the meantime at school, she meets the boy she has always dreamed of. She never knew how much work love takes until she had him slipping away from her fingertips.


1. Homecoming 2015

It all started in the Fall. We have entered our Sophomore year and Homecoming was just around the corner. I was nothing but excited and nervous at the same time. I wanted a date, yet I was nervous that someone would not ask me to be their date. Until one day in American History class, I have received an email. It was from a boy. I was surprised. The name looked very familiar; Jack. I remembered in 4th grade, this boy has made me a crane bird out of paper. I was so amazed. He never fails to amuse me. I have to admit, I liked this boy since 4th grade. He had no idea I had a crush on him. He was the cutest and most generous guy I have came across in 4th grade. See, I was in another town before I moved to Iowa Falls in 4th grade. I don't remember much before that but from 4th grade and now, I remember the most. I opened the email while I was in class. It had said “Will you go to Homecoming with me? Yes or no?” It was on a beautiful doc. I had butterflies in my stomach. I mean, come on, this sweet and adorable kid asked me to be his date. I immediately wanted to say yes but wanted to check with my best friend if this would be the guy I should go with. After a couple classes, I told my best friend. She cut me off and told me to say no. She said he was very annoying and would not leave you alone. I didn't believe it but I didn't want to disappoint her. So she got into my email and told him I had another “date” I was expecting. I felt horrible. I turned him down. I knew that instant that it was wrong to do.

As a few days went by, no one asked me, nor I heard from Jack. I decided to email him in American History. “Hey, I'm sorry about this. Are you still wanting to take me as your date?” And he simply said “Yes.” I was so happy. Of course my best friend was upset but I realized I need to live. Him and I exchanged numbers and we texted for days. I have to admit, I bothered him about what color we should have and what I should wear. I apologize. As October 3rd came, Homecoming was all set for that night. I decided to wear a pretty long black dress. I should have worn a short one since that was only Homecoming. Jack was so handsome. This guy was in dress pants, white button up shirt with a tie. He was handsome and he's a farmer. I know I'm not a farmer but I could help out a lot. I mean, seriously, I love country boys. He was very good looking that day, just as any day. We had pictures taken, many laughs. I had so my fun with him. Then I heard that night of Homecoming, he wanted to ask me to be his girlfriend. I was nervous deep down. I've never really been in a relationship before. I've talked to boys before but never had a relationship that is an actual relationship, you know? As the night went on, Homecoming has came to an end. It was time to go home but Jack insisted our group (Kelsey and Caden) go to his house. So we all headed over there. I got into this huge truck. Man, it was beautiful. But I can't lie, I was more attracted to my date than his truck. I'm not the type to be a gold digger nor a truck lover before boys. I really liked Jack and my feelings for him grew more faster than I thought. We all headed to his house. We played truth or dare and watched movies on Netflix. It was getting late and I said I should head home. But we all decided to stay the night at his house. I told my mom I was staying at Kelsey's house because I knew she'd say no to staying the night at Jack's. She fell for the lie.

As we were sitting on the couch in the living room with drinks from McDonald's in our hands, and a camera on me, I was curious to what was going on. I was sitting by Jack with his arms around me as Kelsey sat by Caden. I was trying to watch the movie. Jack had looked at me in the eye, and said “Kayla, will you be my girlfriend?” My jaw hit the floor. My breath was taken away right there and I looked at Kelsey. My mocha was about to be dropped and I asked if this was really happening. I looked at Jack and said “Is this for real?” He said “This is for real.” And I said “Yes. I will be your girlfriend.” I was so happy. Let's not forget Kelsey had all this recorded on her iPod. His family came home and right away, he told his mom and then his sister, and his dad. The mother was fine with us staying the night but in the living room only. Which was fine. Eventually I was getting tired and as I was falling asleep on Jack, I could him laughing as he watch America’s Most Funniest Videos. His laughs are so stinkin’ cute. It made my heart melt. Then we all crashed.

The following morning, we all woke up and decided it was best to head home. Caden took Kelsey home as Jack took me home. This boy was really well taken care of. His family was amazing and so sweet. While we headed to my house in the country, he played music. He had really good music. I loved them. I always have. It's very upbeat. As we pulled up to my house, I looked at him, I didn't know whether we were going to kiss or not. So we gave each other a hug. He walked me to the door and let me in and said our good byes. Then I walked into my house and there was my mom. Her face showed she was very upset with me.

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