Return: The Very First Draft (WARNING: It's Pretty Bad)

James was an ordinary boy in West Brook Illinois, until the truth of where is family is really from changes everything. He isn’t who or what he thought he was. Meanwhile, James has a new neighbor. Sarah, a girl her age with a mysterious past, and her foster mother, Emma move in next door. James soon discovers that the cold girl next door who freezes everyone out, isn’t even human. She’s a Faerie from a land called a Emensia, the land that James is suppose to save. Along with a new girl in West Brook named Amy that is overly nice but seems to be hiding something and Asher, the school bully with multiple personalities, it looks like James is in for a wild ride that is quite literally out of this world. Can these four unlikely heroes save Emensia from Robert and the army of Shadow Demons he’s raising?


2. Reviews (you can skip over this)


Before I actually post the story, I'm gonna put up some reviews I've gotton. These reviews were actually on the second draft, but I'd still like to include them. I've used the initials of the reviewers to protect their identities.


“It’s awesome, you should get someone to publish it!!!! :P”

- K.T.



“The story is breathtaking! I can’t put it down! Definitely one of the best stories ever written!”

- T.H.



“Spectacular and breathtaking. I’ve never read anything like it and I never expect to read anything like it again!”

- R.P.



“A unique and unflinching story. With it’s  fast paced and action packed chapters, this book is sure to keep you guessing!”

- C.G.



“I loved it, it’s great with the action! I can’t wait to see what happens with Jimmy. I wonder why he is like that! I thought he was a robot… Now I am happy with what I’m reading!!! LOVE IT!”

- S.G.


“This book is a thriller, a fantasy, a horrifier, and breathtaking! It is impossible to think a middle schooler wrote it. Please get it published! I support you all the way!!!!”

- R.M.


Yes these are all real comments from real people and not made up by me. Give me some credit, please.


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