Return: The Very First Draft (WARNING: It's Pretty Bad)

James was an ordinary boy in West Brook Illinois, until the truth of where is family is really from changes everything. He isn’t who or what he thought he was. Meanwhile, James has a new neighbor. Sarah, a girl her age with a mysterious past, and her foster mother, Emma move in next door. James soon discovers that the cold girl next door who freezes everyone out, isn’t even human. She’s a Faerie from a land called a Emensia, the land that James is suppose to save. Along with a new girl in West Brook named Amy that is overly nice but seems to be hiding something and Asher, the school bully with multiple personalities, it looks like James is in for a wild ride that is quite literally out of this world. Can these four unlikely heroes save Emensia from Robert and the army of Shadow Demons he’s raising?


1. Introduction


This is a special edition release of the very first draft of Return that I will post in honor of my main story's second birthday (September 24, 2016). The second draft will also be posted after all the chapters of the first draft are up. Return's current draft is on paper, so it may be two or so years until it's ready to be posted. There are a few things you should take into consideration before you read.


1. You need to keep in mind that I'll be posting the original draft. Pleas note that the plot is inconsistant. The first draft is kinda like three stories in one since the plot developed throughout the draft. The story is NOT complete. You will be let hanging at the end of an incomplete chapter.


2. I stopped working on this draft because the plot changed too much and the story at the end wasn't the story I started with. The overall storyline wasn't set until the second draft. So the plot has issues.


3. This will be an unedited and unrevised version of Return. It will have flaws. I would love comments to help make it better, but I'm looking for more like scene suggestions than how to rework the whole freaking draft or make certain chapters better. I'm already doing that.


4. Some of the characters names will be changed later on. And the characters personalities are really screwed up since this draft was written before the characters fully formed. Sarah and James do NOT actually get along from the second draft on once I get the characters into order.


5. There are 37 complete (but short) chapters. The last one does end with a cliff hanger since I never did finish the story I don't want to post any more than maybe four a week (it would be less, but once this draftis up, I'll be posting the second draft). It is up to those who are actively reading the story to tell me to update it (in the comments). If I don't get update requests for awhile, I'll assume that no one is interested in reading it.


6. James is kinda sexist early on, BUT HE DOES CHANGE. THIS IS AN EARLY CHARACTER FLAW I WORKED OUT LATER, SO DON'T HATE HIM FOR IT. I think this applies more to the second draft, but whatever.


So that's about it. Get ready, because this draft is pretty awful.

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