Return: The Very First Draft (WARNING: It's Pretty Bad)

James was an ordinary boy in West Brook Illinois, until the truth of where is family is really from changes everything. He isn’t who or what he thought he was. Meanwhile, James has a new neighbor. Sarah, a girl her age with a mysterious past, and her foster mother, Emma move in next door. James soon discovers that the cold girl next door who freezes everyone out, isn’t even human. She’s a Faerie from a land called a Emensia, the land that James is suppose to save. Along with a new girl in West Brook named Amy that is overly nice but seems to be hiding something and Asher, the school bully with multiple personalities, it looks like James is in for a wild ride that is quite literally out of this world. Can these four unlikely heroes save Emensia from Robert and the army of Shadow Demons he’s raising?


5. Chapter Two


A terrifying crash of thunder shook the world, as it plunged into darkness. James sat straight up in bed and took in his surroundings. He saw a dark room full of medical equipment. The lights slowly flickered back on, revealing a stark white hospital room. A young blonde doctor rushed into the room. He stared at her like you would an animal at the zoo. “Oh, it’s good to see you awake, James.” she said. “I am Dr. Rosetta Coop and I have a few quick questions for you.” “Uh, okay.” James replied. “Okay, first off, how did you break your arm? What did you do to it? How?” Dr. Coop asked. “Well, I was at my locker and I put in the combination. Then I jerked down on the lock. I guess that’s how it happened, because the lock stayed locked.” James answered. “Uhuh, pulling down hard with a slight twist of the wrist could easily break it. I was in eighth grade at West Brook Middle twelve years ago and know how those rusty old locks love to jam. Anyway, how did you get this scar on your arm?” Dr. Coop questioned while holding up a photo. In the photo was James’ arm with a neat scar that looked about a year old, with reddish black blood crusted neatly around it. “I don’t know. I thought my bone had gone through the skin.” he said slightly confused. “It appears it did and then healed itself. We scraped this away from the wound. Do you know what it is?” Dr. Coop inquired as she held up a tiny vial of silver powder. “No, I don’t. I’ve never seen it before.” James replied, more baffled than ever. “Okay, what about when you lost consciousness. Your head should have slammed into the floor. Someone must have caught you and lowered you to the floor. Do you know who?” Dr. Coop asked. “No, I don’t.” James answered. “Well, I can tell that you are just as confused as I am. I’ll be going now. Nice cast by the way.” Dr. Coop said as she got up and left the room. Just as Dr. Coop left the room, Libby and Lucy came in. “I was so stupid! I wish I hadn’t told you to jerk the lock open.” Libby said. “Yah, that was pretty stupid. By that I mean listening to you and taking your advice.” James laughed. “Anyway Libby, it’s the school’s fault, not yours. They gave me the wrong combination.” “I know, but I can’t help but feel responsible.” Libby sighed. “Where’s mom?” James asked. “Filling out paperwork.” Libby replied. “I got you a preety thing!” Lucy, James’ six year old sister blurted. “What’s she talking about, Libby? Where is it?” James inquired. “Look at your right arm.” Libby laughed. Lucy’s present was the most horrifying thing James had ever seen. A hot pink cast covered his right arm from his hand, to just after his elbow. The worst part had to be that a million mini Hello Kitties were plastered all over the cast. “I thought my arm was healed.” James said horrified. “No, the bone went back under the skin, but didn’t mend.” Libby corrected. “It’s terrifying!” James gasped. “No, it’s Hello Kitty.” Lucy said. “It’s a piece of junk! Who authorized this?” James demanded. “No offense James, but do you actually know the word authorized? It’s such a big word for you.” Libby asked. “Hello Kitty’s not junk! She’s my bestest friend!” Lucy argued. “Hate to break it to you kiddo, but Hello Kitty is a fictional character.” James retorted. “Wow, fictional and character? My gosh James, your vocabulary has grown quite a bit since yesterday!” Libby commented. “What’s mean?” Lucy asked, trying to sound out the new word. “It’s pronounced fictional and it means fake.” Libby stated. “Hello Kitty’s not fake! She’s on TV and that makes her real. TVs can’t lie anyway.” Lucy said obviously offended. “Um, TV can too lie. You really need a reality check.” James replied viciously. “But mommy and daddy watch TV all the time. They said that it’s the best way to find out what’s going on in the world, so there!” Lucy said as she stuck out her tongue with a flash of pink braces. James just sighed. It was so hard to argue with cute little Lucy and her brown pigtails, and bright little blue eyes, framed by pink glasses. Suddenly, Linda, James’ mother, rushed in through the open door. “Everything is set for us to leave!” She said cheerfully. The uncomfortable party, with the cheery mother quickly departed from the hospital and began the journey home.


A/N: Wow, such trash. The Hello Kitty stuff got cut later anyway.

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