Return: The Very First Draft (WARNING: It's Pretty Bad)

James was an ordinary boy in West Brook Illinois, until the truth of where is family is really from changes everything. He isn’t who or what he thought he was. Meanwhile, James has a new neighbor. Sarah, a girl her age with a mysterious past, and her foster mother, Emma move in next door. James soon discovers that the cold girl next door who freezes everyone out, isn’t even human. She’s a Faerie from a land called a Emensia, the land that James is suppose to save. Along with a new girl in West Brook named Amy that is overly nice but seems to be hiding something and Asher, the school bully with multiple personalities, it looks like James is in for a wild ride that is quite literally out of this world. Can these four unlikely heroes save Emensia from Robert and the army of Shadow Demons he’s raising?


4. Chapter One


Crisp was the air on the first day back to school, after an endless summer. When James entered West Brook Middle School, he struck a sturdy wall of sound. West Brook, had to be the loudest school in all of Illinois. Eighth graders were hanging back from the crowd, sizing up this year’s sixth graders. Nervously, James slipped past the obnoxious eighth grade to get to his locker. He was glancing back and forth between his schedule and the lockers on the wall, trying to find number 775. His locker was in the center of an empty hall, across from the library. This part of the school was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Locker 775 was as bright a red as any of the other lockers. It was almost impossible to find in the solid blur of red. Blue as the ocean’s salted waves, a dainty lock hung from the locker. James had spent a good portion of his summer memorizing his combination and quickly spun it in. Libby, his sixteen year old sister at West Brook High school, had told him that the locks at his school were very old and often jammed. He reach for his lock and jerked it down with all of his might. Blazing fire shot through his arm and the lock dangled unaffected by his ferocious pull. Locks will stay locked, when you have the wrong combination. The school had given him the wrong combination. Like a balloon, his arm suddenly inflated with so much force, he thought it would pop. And the color of it was unnerving. Like a preschool painting, his arm was a splatter of bright color. He breathed in deeply. The pain was steadily increasing. Bright drops of scarlet fluid dripped from his arm and onto the floor. Blood that was seeping from the underside of his arm. “How is this even possible?” he thought. Slowly, he flipped his right arm over to see the other side. Running down his arm, blood pooled from a clean, clear tear in his skin. From the middle of the gash, produced a thin white bone, known as the ulna. Pain, pain, and more pain was all he could feel. James was beginning to feel lightheaded from loss of blood. Suddenly, he fainted and hit the floor with a thump. His head would have slammed into the cold stone floor, if a faerie girl hadn’t appeared just in time to lower it gently to the floor.


A/N: Yeah, I didn't exactly put my chapters in paragraphs back in 2014...I'm sorry if you all find that as annoying as I do.

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