Return: The Very First Draft (WARNING: It's Pretty Bad)

James was an ordinary boy in West Brook Illinois, until the truth of where is family is really from changes everything. He isn’t who or what he thought he was. Meanwhile, James has a new neighbor. Sarah, a girl her age with a mysterious past, and her foster mother, Emma move in next door. James soon discovers that the cold girl next door who freezes everyone out, isn’t even human. She’s a Faerie from a land called a Emensia, the land that James is suppose to save. Along with a new girl in West Brook named Amy that is overly nice but seems to be hiding something and Asher, the school bully with multiple personalities, it looks like James is in for a wild ride that is quite literally out of this world. Can these four unlikely heroes save Emensia from Robert and the army of Shadow Demons he’s raising?


7. Chapter Four


“What is that terrible thing on my son’s arm?” Charles Pinglo demanded as Linda, Lucy, Libby, and James walked through the door. “Hello Kitty. Blame Lucy.” James replied. “Isn’t she preety?” Lucy asked. “My eyes!” Charles yelled. “That’s the most horrifying thing I have ever seen! Since when can you get a Hello Kitty cast?” “Wow daddy, you and James aren’t very smart. I have too keep tell you that her name isn’t hortifying, it’s Hello Kitty.” Lucy corrected. “Linda, please, please, explain how James got a Hello Kitty cast.” Charles begged. “Well, if you have to know.” Linda huffed. “It was that Dr. Coop woman. When we got there, they let us proceed straight to James’ room. Dr. Coop stopped us outside and told us to seat ourselves in the hallway chairs until James had been casted. Then she bent down and asked Lucy what she wanted to give James as a get well present. Lucy said Hello Kitty and Dr. Coop left smiling. I think you can figure out the rest.” “The nerve of that woman! She had no right to do that! I’d have them replace the cast if we had the money!” Charles exploded. “Do you know this Dr. Coop’s name? I’d like to call the hospital to file a complaint.” “Rosetta I think. Yes, it’s Rosetta Coop.”Linda replied. “Good, I’ll make the call after dinner.” Charles stated. “When’s dinner?” Libby asked in the bored tone all teenagers have. Ding! The sound of the doorbell filled the small house. “That must be Chuck with our pizza.” Charles said as he left to answer the door. James and the others proceeded through the arched doorway, to the kitchen table and took their seats. Charles walked in about three minutes later, with two large pizzas. “It’s extra cheese and bacon.” he said. Everyone cheered and ate a meal to be proud of.


A/N: I'm so lazy about updates. Ugh. Enjoy more bad writing from 2014.

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