Written for the prompt "Pick a random book, turn to page 51, and start writing from the last sentence of the last paragraph on that page."
Quote taken from Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant


1. "If I were ever to get back to my own reality, escape..." (Grant 51)

           If I were ever to get back to my own reality, escape could never happen. The wars, the hunger for red and food and money and red; all of it consumes you, consumes your spirit. What I'm in now, where I am, when I am, how I am now is...peaceful.

           No, not peaceful. Where I am is worse. Light and dark alike can kill, my known physics aren't tangible. There are different rules, different laws, different equations to strange answers. Destruction runs wild, the 'good' err on the bad while the bad dance in the light, falling to their knees in a flash and a bang.

           'Vigilante' doesn't even translate, but then neither does 'hero'. 'Villain' means different things to different people, but death is universal. Living and surviving aren't one in the same, but then again they really can't be. 'Hunter' and 'hunted' mean the same here but isn't that true back in my reality?

           Reality itself is a concept understood by none and known by many. How can we understand what is never universally explained? Too many variables to an equation never formed.

           If I were ever to get back to my own reality, escape would be forgotten, and understanding would be futile.


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