Don't remeber you....

She promised to always be their....He promised to always love her...but some promises are made to be broken....


3. Words that Haunt

Gumball's pov:

 Marshall asked me to stay with him for a little bit longer after he had finally calmed down. I did my best to comfort him though I wasn't very good at it. "You know their was nothing you could have done to change what happened Marshall. It's not your fault none of it is your fault." "Their is something I could have done though. If we had never found that damn tiara she wouldn't have put it on and forgotten me." I pulled him into a hug and started to rock him a little. "You have to move on and let her go Marshall. That was in the past and this is the present." He shook his head no at me and started to pull away from me. "You don't know how much I wish that I could do that but I just can't when ever I see her I just want to run up to her and hug her have her hug me back to tell me she knows who I am. It hurts like hell Gumball it really does and it's tarring me apart." I nodded knowing he was right and that had to be hard for anyone going through that. He sobbed harder mumbling now. "I made a promise....I can't brake my promise...I have to keep it gumball..." "You have me, Fiona, cake...the candy people... what about us..." He shook his head again and looked at me with tears and hatred in his eyes now. "Fiona is a human she'll get old and forget us! She doesn't need us in her life and I don't need you acting like you know me so well! Get out of my house! I HATE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!!"

I got up in tears hurt by his words and left his house. "Fine you can live your life alone for all I care!" I slammed the door shut and went back to my house wanting this day to just end I went straight to bed. "Your just saying stuff to get in my head! Fiona would never forget us cause shes out friend! Would she...?"



"Where am I?" Looking around I saw only trees and forest. "How did I get to the forest?" I was confused and lost looking around lost when suddenly someone spoke. I spun around and saw  Fiona standing their looking at me like I was mad. I had just started to notice that it was snowing out side where we stood. Fiona looked so much older that I couldn't believe it was really her. "What happened here?" I asked her confused but it seemed to me that she was just as lost as I was. "What do you mean Gumball are you feeling okay?" I nodded and looked her up and down still in shock of what i was seeing. "Fiona how old are you?" I asked her scared of what she would tell me. "I just turned 19 why do you ask?" I had to hold back a scream because I knew that Marshall was right. "Do you want to go on an adventure?" I asked hoping she would smile and laugh at me saying 'Of course I do!' She laughed at me and smiled but what she said was different that what I was thinking. "Don't you think that's kind of childish Gumball. Any way I have to go now bye!" She smiled at me and walked away form me. I called her name out as she walked away and started to run but I just couldn't reach her until it all went black...


I woke up screaming and reaching out to the ceiling. "Fiona wait for me!"

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