Don't remeber you....

She promised to always be their....He promised to always love her...but some promises are made to be broken....


4. One last Friend

Marshall Lee's pov:

"Just great....I pushed Gumball out of my life too..." I got angry and started to throw my stuff around. "Why can't I keep any one I care about around!" My door bell ran again so I looked out the window to see Simone outside. My heart broke some more as it sank down to my stomach. 'Why is she here?' I asked my self over and over again as I walked to over to the door and answered it with a smile. "Hey Ice Queen whats up?" I asked with an upbeat voice making me her smile as her eyes started to sparkle the way they did when she was happy. "Marshall! I need your help to write a song!" She practically yelled at me as she rushed inside and set up her piano. I was a bit shocked that she had come to my house and remembered my name. I wanted to be alone at the moment but at the same time I didn't I realized  that all I really wanted to be around Simone again and see her smiling face like when I was little.

I watched as I grabbed my guitar and started to tune it up again. She smiled at me and then rushed back to the door again dragging in a box now with her. I gave her a weird look as I floated over to the book curiosity taking over me. "Whats the box for?" I asked her as she stopped going through it. "I thought we could use it for song lyrics!" She found some old photos of me when I was younger and saw that they had words written on them so she shoved them at me and told me to sing well she recorded it. I didn't want to upset her so I started to sing for her.


Every time I move  you always find me and start hanging around

Just another lame attempt to see me

I thought you were you where nuts!

But your really really really -lly nuts

"you know I'm actually glad to see you..."

"Maybe I'm the one who's nuts..."


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