Don't remeber you....

She promised to always be their....He promised to always love her...but some promises are made to be broken....


2. Good Friends

Gumball's pov-

I was a bit surprised when he called me.Then after hearing him crying I knew I had to go over their. I ran down stairs bumping into Finnoa. "Hey Gumball where are you heading off to in a hurry?" I ran past her in a hurry. "Sorry! No time  to talk I need to get going." I called my Hawk and flew to Marsha Lee's house. "Hang on...I'm coming right now."

Marsha Lee's pov:

"Okay....I need to just calm my self down." I said and started to breath to relax. A knock come again and I jumped then floated over to the door. "Hello?" I called out and opened the door. "Oh...hey Finnoa. What's up?" I asked acting all cool. "Hey Marsh! Feel like having an adventure?" She looked super pumped as I chuckled. "Sorry I'm sorry busy today. Maybe another time Fionna." She nodded and got on Cakes back and left. "Okay see ya Marsh!" I waved by feeling lonely as she left. I shut the door and went back to cleaning avoiding the box with the photos.

I had just finished cleaning when Gumball came bursting in. "Marshall what's wrong!" He yelled running into my house with out even knocking like I had done so many times before. I knew their was no use lying to him him so I asked a question instead. "Do you think you'll ever forget me too." Tears started to fall down my face again. He looked at me in surprise  "How could I ever forget a pain in the butt like you!" I cracked at smile his words. "Yeah your right Gumball. Can you do my a favor and check out that box for me. I'm cleaning up but I don't have the heart to look in their." He nodded and walked over and fell silent as he saw why I didn't want to. "Marshall...I'm so sorry...I didn't know..." I was silent now.

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