The tryout of English perception

An extraordinary diligence, of texts, which might turn out as an aberration, no how, in my point of view, they'll describe the somewhat feral life I've placed myself in.


1. Side moves

A crippling sensation covers me up at night, wanting to develop anxiety and insomnia.

Joining the Nation, had consequences, it had an impact on me, primarily it gave me back the lost pride, secondarily it filled the holes I've open up for once again. Hence the greatness overwhelmed me a bunch, I would sooner or later open my eyes up.

My life changed.

The previous decisions of my life made no point so far, I have by now realized what it means to turn crazy.

Tertiary the Nation made me somewhat insane, for the exact same reasons it fulfilled me back then.

The question is no longer whether or not, to be or not to be, but rather who should be and who should not be.

Thoughts wandering through the eternities of my mind, crumbling beneath the surface, I'm no longer one of you.

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