The tryout of English perception

An extraordinary diligence, of texts, which might turn out as an aberration, no how, in my point of view, they'll describe the somewhat feral life I've placed myself in.


2. Assembling the population

I tried, I tried so bad.

The personality, who once, was the greatest among friends, or groups in general, is nothing but the cascade of the remaining person you once knew.

Fading, I joined the darker side of life.

One was not simply the greatest mind of several members, meanwhile, on the contrary, being the weakest of souls.

I lived in a world where I was the dominant race, the implacable thought of being popular. The enmity emerged from the thoughts, became reality.

The mask. It is gone. It is all gone.

All that is left is the facade, conquering the people who stood the closest to me. Who am I?

No one knows. - Not even the people who thought they knew the man, I was was, the ones who I have been talking to about losing sanity - none knows nothing.

The blaze of a burning area behind him made me furious.

Behind the curtains, the mind has blown itself, no longer I belong the in a society where the voice of the people has to be extolled by the public.

They have to be demured.

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