The Bad Girl

Hey, My name is Amber. I'm 17 and I'm Los Angeles's most baddest girl.


1. Chapter 1

8 Months Ago

I wake up in a room I don't recognize. I slowly recognized who room this was. Shit. It's Chris'. I got up and grabbed my clothes off the floor. I started to put my clothes on when Chris woke up. "Baby, where you going?" he said while getting up. Okay, let's pause this, I'm sorry if this picture looks bad but it's not what it looks like. First, let me introduce myself. I'm Amber Brooks, I'm 17 years old and I'm the baddest girl in Los Angeles, well more like "used" to be. See, I met this girl named Paige Leavitt and she is becoming my best friend and she actually cares about me. Not the "friends" that I have now that just want to get me high or drunk. Paige has been telling me that I'm worth something, that I could be someone in this world instead of being a outsider or feeling like a nobody. So in high school people tend to be stereotypical so like the popular girl with the popular boy. In my case, I was the baddest girl so technically I was forced to be with baddest boy. Which at the time didn't bother me but maybe I don't want to be the baddest girl anymore. Maybe I just want to be...myself. So let me explain what happen last night, see I came to Chris' house to breakup with him but look at my luck he was throwing a party and my so call 'friend' drugged me by offering me a drink. So I kinda got high and yeah.. you know what happens next.. but I need to breakup with him now. Anyways he just used me for sex. Sorry dude, you can find another girl for that. He comes closer to me shirtless with only boxers on. "Baby, What's wrong?" He asked putting his arms on my waist. I push him away. I look up at him. I'm scared, what happens if he hits me cuz he has anger issues. Oh god... "Chris, I'm sorry but I'm breaking up with you. Bye." I said running out. To be honest, I didn't see his face so I don't know if he got mad, sad, happy. Idk but I know my life is going to get better from here. 


Amber's POV


I woke up to the sound of Paige's alarm. "Ugh, shut it off!" I said while putting a pillow over my face. "NO! Get up, we have school! Get up!" She yelled. "God! All right!" I said while getting up. I went to my bag and grabbed my clothes then put it on. 

This is what it looked like. (End of the chapter) I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After, I did my makeup. Which really only concealer, winged eyeliner, and my brows. Then, I just brushed through my short wavy silver hair and I do dye my hair alot. I walked out and put my shoes on. Paige looked at me and said "Oh! Stylish!" I giggle. Paige and I have different styles. Mine is more grunge and laid back. She's more trendy and girly but I love her. Paige is taller than me by a half of inch and she has blonde hair but she's so pretty and innocent. Sometimes, I wonder how lucky I got a friend like her. In school she used to be a loner but now she has me and I'm glad I have her. Yes, we do get stares still in school but I don't care, fuck them! It's May now, 8 months later and you would think people would stop talking crap about you and saying "you wanted to be innocent again" or saying Paige and I are "secret lesbian lovers". Lmao, like that's true. People come up with random bullshit and then other people eats it up like it was candy. Well, they don't say it to my face because they are scared of me but they have bullied Paige about it and I have given bloody noses and black eyes for it. Ugh it's annoying. A few seconds goes by and Paige comes out of the bathroom looking so cute. "I'm loving your outfit!" I squeal. She was wearing this. (End of chapter)

 Paige doesn't really wear make up, she just puts mascara and chapstick. She runs her hand through her perfectly blonde straight hair and puts her sandals on then we grabbed our phones and backpacks after headed out. She got her license last month so she could drive. I slept over her house last night  because my stepmom is out of town for the next 2 months, something about a business trip, I don't know. If you didn't know, I'm a foster kid been in and out of homes since the age 4 till 10. My step mom adopted me told me she adopted me because she couldn't have kids. Honestly, I love her to death. I've gotten to know her more now since I stopped being the person I wasn't. 


Paige looks at me. "Are you okay? You've been quiet." She asks worried. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just miss my mom." I said looking out the window. "No, you don't! Okay, maybe a little but that is not the reason why." she says. God, she knows me too well. "Okay, fine! It's just school..... I hate it." I said. I don't hate it because of the classes or the learning. I am sick and tired of people staring at me or Paige or us. I'm sick of the people talking crap about us. I'm sick of it and everyday I go inside this hell hole. I'm done. Paige parks the car and turns to me. "Look, the year is almost over, 1 more month, you have good grades. We are gonna graduate soon. Just ignore them, most of them won't graduate anyways. Come on, I'll invite you to a ice cream later, yeah?" she asks with a reassuring smile.  She always know how to make me smile. "Yeah!" I said. "Okay. now come on! We are gonna be late for your lazy ass." She said walking out of the car. I laughed. We stopped in front of the doors of school and look at each other. She did a funny face. I laughed. We walked in and people turned their heads to look at us like we were a fuckin big deal. I heard people say "Look at the lesbian lovers" or "look the sweet innocent bitch". Honestly, fuck them cuz I could beat their ass. A girl named Jen (She is the new bad girl of the school but whats funny about it is that she is IN LOVE with Chris but Chris is 'apparently' is still in love with me. But yet again he fucks girls left and right. I just think it's funny cuz she gets so mad and pouts like a baby about it. Just me, it funny) starts laughing and pointing at Paige. Paige stopped and Jen went in front of her. "Look at the nerd. Do you really think you look pretty in that dress?" She said. She has never had the nerve to talk to her like that in front of me. I gonna beat her! Paige is looking down. " What the fuck do you think you are doing?" I asked her. She looks at me with a grin. "I'm just saying she looks ugly in that dress.= and plus she's fat so it makes her look bigger." She said grinning. I looked at her smiling. " Why the fuck are you smiling?" she asked pretty upset. "And you think you're any better than her? " I asked. She looks at me. "Yeah, bitch. Look at me." she said while twirling in her tight ass dress and since she fucks everybody. Her fuckin body is saggy has fuck. I grin. Watch this. "Actually, no. What you are is a fuckin sagging potato and you fuckin ugly as fuck with all that makeup you have on and for what? It's up the point that Chris doesn't want to love you cuz you crusty as hell." I said giggling. You could hear the whole audience say 'OH' and laughing, this is great. You could see in her face, she wanted to punch me. I just was laughing. "I can't believe you said that." she said. "Well, you better believe it." I said. I turn to see Paige who was giggling. I turned and then I saw her swinging at me. I touched my cheek. "ow" I said to her. " Do you really think I'm scared of you, Amber?" She asked. MY nerves flamed. I looked at her and punched her in the face and I punch her again. She was on the ground. People was recording this, I really didn't care. She got up and touched her nose. It was bloody and clearly broken from the way her nose was crooked and she had a black eye. opps! She started to cry. "I can't believe you. Wait! Why aren't you bleeding? I punched you!" She said. I started laughing. "And than you say you're stronger than me. Keep on talking." I said giggling. Paige and I started walking but I stopped and backed up. "oh and one thing." I said. Going up to her face. "If I hear or see you say something like that again to Paige, I swear to god, I gonna beat you but harder than I did right now so watch your pretty mouth because I could .rip. it. .off. Got it?" I said smiling. She nodded in fear. Paige looked at me smirking. We started to walk to class. 


(Last Class of the day)

I was sitting in my sit watching the teacher teach the lesson until I hear the classroom phone ring. My teacher, Mrs. Hill answer it.  Mrs. Hill and I are very close. I got close with her this year and I love that I have a teacher like her. When she starts talking her facial expression changes and then she looks at me with face of disappointment. "Great, she knows.." I said in my thoughts. "No No No, please just let her off a warning.....Okay thank you and It's okay I will take care of it. Thank you, bye. " She says into the phone. she hangs up and gets up. Then, she opens the door to the class and looks at me and commands "Amber, out now." I get up and walked to the door. You could hear some of the students say "oooo". Childish Bastards. She closes the door behind me. "What were you thinking?" she said very angry. "I'm sorry." I said looking down. "Please, explain, everything." She said taking pauses in between. I told her everything. After I told her, her face turned into a smirk. She put her hand on her cheek like a little girl telling a secret. "How bad was it?" She asked smirking. "It wasn't that bad. Black eye, broken nose. Simple." I said like it was nothing but in reality it was something. It remind me the bad times when I was the 'bad girl' . I hurt innocent people. I bullied girls, guys, you name it. I look back at it now and I hate it. It was horrible what I did. I have asked for forgiveness from my victims and some have accepted, others still hate me but I still defend them when I get the chance from my ex friends and the 'new bad girl' . Ugh, kill me. "Oh, okay. She is such a bully... Well, you could go home. I say you stay in detention with me, okay?" Mrs.Hill said. "Are you sure? I could stay." I said insisting. "Yeah, I'm sure." She said. "Okay." I said opening the door to the classroom. I entered the class and sat at my seat. Some person gets up from their sit and sits in the empty seat in front of me. I look up from my work and I see a smirking boy in front of me. It was Chris. Great. I rolled my eyes and looked back my paper. "Hey, why you roll your eyes at me, sweetheart? I didn't do anything to you. I just wanted to tell you, that you look hot today, that's all." He says. I look up and he winks at me. I let out an frustrated sigh. "What the hell do you want?" I asked frustrated. He smirks. "I want you." He says. "Well, I don't." I burted out. The bell ranged. I put my stuff in my bag and ran out before Chris could followed me. I was half way though the hallway when I heard my name being yelled out. Ugh, Awesome. I start to walk faster to my locker. I made it. I look around to see he was still following me. No sign of him. Yes! I opened my locker and put my books inside. "Hello, beautiful." I hear Chris's voice from the side of me. UGH WHY! "Go away! I don't want to talk to you. Can you get that though your fuckin head? God." I said frustrated. I close my locker and turn my body to look at him with my arms crossed. He just stands there, leaning on the lockers, smirking at me. WHY?! "I see someone is a little cracky today." He says putting he hand on my cheek, stroking it. I slapped it away. I sighed. "Please go away." I said. "Um, I don't thinks so." He said pushing me against the lockers and trapping me between his arms. "GO AWAY CHRIS! LIKE HONESTLY, I DON"T WANT YOU!" I yelled. "Bro, get off of her. She said no." This guy said coming out of nowhere. He lets go. Finally. "And what are you going to do about it?" Chris asked going into his face then backing me laughing. He turns back.Uh oh. "This." He punches Chris and it knocks down Chris. DAMN, nobody has done that before. From the looks of it, Chris is out. AWESOME! I was celebrating in my head but in the outside, I was just staring at Chris, laying on the floor, completely shocked. I look at the guy. I think he is the new kid. He was just standing there looking at the crowd that we had around us. I hear movement. It was Chris. I start to run the other direction to get myself out but while doing that I grabbed the guy's arm. "Let's go! I don't think it's a great idea to be standing here when he gets up." I said. He nodded and like that we ran out the school. Together. 








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