Home is no place to hide

this is a story of a girl who has problems at school and at school but chooses to not show her pain and always wear a smile. This book with take you on a journey through emotions (if i am a skilled enough writer.) if you are triggered to abusive parents, cutting, blood, suicidal thoughts, and bullying please do not read this book


1. First Day of Hell

Panic at the Disco played waking Kate up from her peaceful slumber. she tiredly picked up her phone and turned off her alarm. Kate sat up in her bed looking at her phone seeing as it was 6:00 A.M.  Kate needed to hurry if she was going to get ready in time to make the bus and not have to deal with her father's lectures. Kate gets up and turns on her bedroom light. She hurried to get her clothes and towel. She rushed to the bathroom with her stuff in hand she quickly set her stuff and taking off her baggy graphic T-shirt and underwear. Kate jumped in the shower and turned the faucet on, icy cold water came pouring out hitting her in the face. Kate jumped a little by how cold it was and turned the knob to change the temperature it didn't do anything. She couldn't keep wasting her time she had to finish getting ready for school before dad woke up, and before the bus came. She washed her short brown hair and her tiny figure. Kate turned off the water and jumped out of the shower. She grabbed her towel drying off her body and short brown hair. Her hair was instantly starting to curl at the tips. Kate grabbed her clothes and put them on as fast as her tiny arms could do. She put on some ripped skinny jeans, a graphic T-shirt, and a baggy sweatshirt (it was a size small but it was quite baggy on her). Kate realized she left her glasses on the nightstand and couldn't see that well. She rushed back to her room sloppily grabbing her red glasses and putting them on. now she could see all the details of her room. she grabbed her black backpack and put on some white socks. Kate looked outside her window to see that it was still dark outside and raining. Kate sighed as she put her heavy backpack on her back and trudged down the stairs to find that her dad was up but yet not ready to come downstairs and get coffee and food. Kate let out a deep sigh she stepped into the kitchen and set down her bag by the island (its a counter top in the middle of the kitchen). She looked in the pantry to mainly find beans, rice, gluten free noodles, gluten free flour, and lucky for her cereal. She grabbed the cereal box and set it on the island then went and got a bowl. She opened up the box as fast as she could knowing she had to hurry as it didn't take her father long to get ready for the day. She poured her cheerios and went to the vacated fridge. There was only milk,eggs,and one apple. you could practically see the tumbleweed blowing on through the fridge. Kate grabbed the milk that was 1/4 full and was about to expire. Kate turned around to see her dad standing in front of her with a cup of coffee.




(ok i know i suck at writing and i dont write often and dont go on here often but i wanted to write this so i did tell me if should continue). 

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