Home is no place to hide

this is a story of a girl who has problems at school and at school but chooses to not show her pain and always wear a smile. This book with take you on a journey through emotions (if i am a skilled enough writer.) if you are triggered to abusive parents, cutting, blood, suicidal thoughts, and bullying please do not read this book


2. Dad Alert!

Kate set her milk down as her father took a sip of his coffee. "good morning". Kate said with a fake smile. "good morning". Charly (her dad) said with a evil grin. "so what are you in a hurry for Kate, from what the time reads you have 15 minutes until school starts and we are 2 minutes away from the school." Charly said to his daughter wondering what thing she's got going on today. "i have...a....project...for PBL.....with other people." Kate said trying to think as fast as she can. "Really?! What is this project about?" Charly smirking. "The project is we have to make something that um could potentially go on the show shark tank." Kate said reassuring in her head it was a good excuse. "ok you better get going or you'll miss your meeting" Charly said with a grin.  Kate's head spun around to see the clock 6:35, She had ten minutes until school started. Kate was picked up her backpack her dad stopped her "don't you dare leave this house without cleaning up your mess, and don't forget you need to pay the electricity bill before 6:00 p.m. tonight." Charly said with a smirk. Kate rushed and cleaned up her mess then picked up her backpack and ran out the door. Kate didn't notice that she forgot to dry her hair before leaving. While Kate was walking to school she felt her hair and realized that it was wet, she let out a deep sigh, she was definitely going to get picked on for that, maybe she could make it in time before they came. Kate walking listing to the death of a bachelor as she saw the school in a distance. Kate had to squint her eyes but she saw that one of her bullies was standing by the entrance and two other bullies were walking up to him. Kate's heart dropped, guess the first day of school won't go good at all. Kate walked up to the entrance of school trying to be as invisible as possible. "HEY! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING FOUR-EYES!" Kate let out a sigh as she turned around from the entrance and pulled out her headphones. "Yes, Brad." Kate said with her teeth clenched as she was not in the mood for him today. "Do you have my money? If not you know what we will have to do." Brad said with his evil smirk as the other boys around were jumping up and down saying ooooooh. Brad only had to lift up his hand to make them stop. Brad was in Kate's grade he towered over her. He was 6ft and she was 4ft 10". Brad had spiky blond hair with blue eyes. He was the captain of the football and baseball team. The boys behind him were Jack and Ryan. Ryan was a little bit smaller but still quite tall, he was 5ft 10" and Jack was 5ft 11". Jack had brown hair with brown eyes and Ryan had long blonde hair and blue eyes his hair looked like it was young justin bieber's hair just dyed blonde. Ryan was the pitcher for the baseball team and Jack was the quarterback for the football team. "Well" Ryan said while crossing his arms. "i-i wasn't able to" Kate said with a whisper. "i-i, NO MORE EXCUSES KATE! YOU KNEW WHAT HAPPENs. Its going to be worse this time." Brad with anger and sadness in his eyes. Kate didn't know why he had sadness in his eyes but she couldn't question that at the moment as Brad pushed her up into the brick wall. The blow to the head stopped her questioning and her hears started to ring. Brad then punched Kate in the stomach while Ryan and Jack went through her bag. Kate fell to the ground then Ryan and Jack through her backpack at her. Ryan then said "nothing good Brad, she has no money, just boring stuff." "ok then just punch her in the stomach again as we go inside and find a nerd and take his money" Jack said with a sigh of how he had to go through so much work. Brad then proceed to take the backpack that was thrown at Kate and threw it to the ground, brad lifted Kate up from both her shirt. Kate was no longer touching the ground as he punched her one last time in the stomach. Brad let go of Kate and she fell to the ground in defeat as she was falling her glasses fell off too. Kate waited for all three of them to walk inside the school then she picked got on her knees and went searching for her glasses in the grass. She eventually found them and put them on her face then proceeded to pick up her stuff that fell out of her backpack then put them into her backpack. She picked up her backpack and slung it on her shoulder. Kate then realized her phone must have fallen out of her sweatshirt pocket as she was getting beat up. Kate then glanced at the ground to see that the corner of the screen on her phone was broken. Kate looked down as a sudden sadness washed over Kate as she realized how mad her dad would be if he found out her screen was broken. Kate picked up her phone with sadness she immediately hit the home button to see if it would work. Thankfully it did that's one good thing of the day. Kate looked at the clock seeing she only had 5minutes left until homeroom started. Kate put her phone back in her pocket and rushed into school racing down the hallways. Kate knew she had no time to go to her locker as her locker was on the other side of the school as her homeroom. Kate rushed to homeroom and made it right in time when the last bell rang. Kate's heart beating so fast as the teacher could hear it she went to the back of class in the corner and slumped down in her seat. Kate set her backpack right next to her desk. Kate then decided to make the best use of her time and do her English and Math homework in homeroom before the 25minutes were up, It was quite possible for Kate she was quite smart just never had enough time as her dad had a policy of briging no homework home. It wouldn't even matter if she brought homework home she would definatley have no time from cooking dinner, paying the bills, practicing piano, helping her dad with work, the two hours he took each day to prove to her she was never good enough and never would be and he would do all this through physical contact and speaking a few words, and cleaning the house. Kate's sister Becky never had to do any work as she was her dad's favorite child, every bad thing she did was fine and she never had to pay for anything unlike Kate who had to pay for her clothes, piano lessons, school supplies, food, and anything that had to do with school. The bell eventually rang saying that homeroom was over and that you have 5minutes to get your butts to class.


(this chapter was a bit longer than the first. they will normally be this length. i kind of like writing this book but i don't know if it's good. This book has no meaning in real life its just something of my imagination these people are all made up. ok bai)

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