Gauntlet- Preview

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1. Preview

    ¨J18T, please report to the docking port.¨

    My eyes stay shut as I roll over on my bed, waiting for the room to light up. I don’t wince when harsh blue illuminates my bunk. I stand up and nearly hit my head on the wall above my bed.

    I don’t recognize the room I’m in, but I feel like I’ve been in it before. When I open the closet my blue uniform is hanging there. I pull a mirror up from the floor by my locker and put on the clothes that I had stored in there, putting the rest in a gray bag.

    I lay down on the black floor and stare vacantly at the ceiling, reluctant to leave despite the lack of connection with the place.

    I look around at the room. To my right is my bunk, a bed inserted into an alcove in the wall. To my left is a blank, dark gray wall. The only true source of color in the room is a cold blue grid, diagonally inset on the ceiling of the dorm as well as the bunk.

    The grid flashes bright twice and the com turns back on, ¨J18T, please report to the docking port.¨

    I ignore the call once again and sit up to face forward at my locker, still wide open. I close the left door so I can see myself in the mirror.

    My long white hair fell over my face when I run my gloved hands through it. I brushed it out of the way and peered at my facial features...

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