The Unknown *Casey's P.O.V*

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4. Party

It’s finally Friday meaning the weekend yayyy!. The morning of school went fast, as I left the classroom to go to dinner Flynn ran down the hallway shouting Foooooddddd making everyone laugh. When we got to our usual table  I sat down next to Scott but soon enough Cameron came in and picked Scott up by his collar “That’s my seat and my girl better get used to the rules newbie” Cameron growled. When the rest of the boys came we all stared talking. “You lot should come to this party tonight it’s going to be well good. And there’s going to be some fit chicks” Nathan announced “Sounds good what time it start?” Mason asked “Seven till late it’s going to be a laugh, Scott you should ask Dave and his little fitty over there if they want to come” Nathan smirked. Scott smiled and pulled out his phone to text Dave. “Not being funny but why would I want to go to a party full of girls?” “Because I'll  be there Babe “Cameron replied kissing my neck making me giggle. “Dude you should totally mark her” Flynn says while talking with his mouth full “He can’t you idiot he’ll get in trouble with Sam” Josh snapped smacking Flynn over the head. “They said they’ll come” Scott announced changing the subject, “Good maybe I’ll get a chance with the girl” Nathan smirked. Just before the ball ringed we all arranged to meet outside of the party.

School was finally over and I was getting ready for the party, luckily my dad is letting me go but he knows the boys will be there if anything happens. Cameron came and picked me up as we decided to go together, when we got there I noticed the rest of the boys outside waiting for us “What took you guys so long?” “They were properly having a make out session” Flynn smirked “Shut Up Flynn” I said slapping him. We all entered the huge house as the music was vibrating of the walls, the place was crowded with people making it hard to move around. Cameron pulled me toward the kitchen to get a drink as we got to the kitchen I saw a couple snogging by the counter making me pull a disgusted face which made Cameron laugh “We're not that bad are we?” I asked shouting over the music “No Baby Girl we’re hotter” he smirked making me blush. Once we got our drinks I decided I wanted to go to see if Tyler was here so I told Cameron that I was going to look for Tyler and he nodded. I went into the lounge when I bumped into Rose and Dave “Hey Guys, you seen Tyler?” “He was with us when we got here but don’t know where he went” Dave replied “Okay thanks, you enjoying the party?” “Yeah it seems good so far you?” “Don't know what party you’re at but this is shit” I say laughing. Soon enough Cameron came over putting his arm around me “Hey Babe what’s going on?”  “Oh I just bumped into these two and thought I’d say hi” “How's it going Dave?” Dave just nervously nodded his head making Rose confused between the two. “How's the stuttering?” Cameron smirked making be hit his chest and whisper “Shut up Rose is here” “Sorry this is Cameron” “Her boyfriend” Cameron added. “I’m Rose” she said smiling awkwardly, we all stood in awkward silence so I decided to speak “Oookayyy hope you enjoy the rest of the party see you later” I said dragging Cameron with me. “Well that was awkward” “I don’t think it was” Cameron replied. After a few more drinks I started to get a little tipsy so I decided to slow it down and drink some water. Then Tyler came stumbling into the room to grab another beer so I decided to go talk to him “Hey Ty” “Hi Lil Sis” he replied making me smile “Looks like someone can’t handle the drink” I say laughing “I can I just choose not too” “Whatever you say Bro, anyway I was just wondering is there any chance Rose could be suspicious of us?” “Not really why'd you ask?” “No reason just wondered” I say smiling “Well if that’s it I’m off to find myself a lady” he replied trying to wiggle his eyebrows making me laugh “Good Luck with that” I say leaving him too it. On the way to the lounge I saw Nathan making out with some girl so I thought it’d be funny to trick the girl into thinking he’s my boyfriend so I ran up and shouted “NATHAN WHAT THE HELL ... WHY ARE YOU KISSING HER WHEN YOU'RE WITH ME?” this pissed Nathan off as the girl smacked him in the face and walked away “What you do that for Casey?” Nathan said annoyed “I don’t know but I found it funny, I mean the look on her face was priceless like damm” I say laughing my head off, Nathan stormed off meaning I was alone again. I started to get tired and the party started to get more boring so I went to find Cameron to let him know I was going home, I found him with Josh “Hey Babe and Josh just thought I’d tell you I’m going home cause this party sucks” “Yeah it kinda blows I’ll take you home” Cameron replied kissing my forehead. We left the party and started to go home, when I got home I kissed Cameron a thank you and went straight to bed knowing I’ll probably be hungover tomorrow morning.

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