The Unknown *Casey's P.O.V*

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2. First day back

It was first day back at school starting my third year. I waited outside for the boys so we could walk to school. When we got to school I noticed my brother with his band Lewis, Cody and Oscar and his sister. I’ve never really talked to them as I’m usually with my boys, but they seem really cool. “who’s that fitty?” Nathan pointed to Oscars sister. “Whoever she is she’s with the wrong guys” Josh smirked as the others laughed. The bell rang for our first lesson so me and the boys went our separate ways.

The lessons went past quickly and before I knew it was dinner. Me and Cameron went to join the other boys at our usual table in the canteen. As I went past my brothers table I smacked his head making Cameron snigger and me laugh at Tyler’s reaction. When we got to the table the rest of the boys was already eating like pigs, I mean these boys will eat anything you should see them eat my mom’s cupcakes. Our table is usually the loudest as we use our ‘outside voices’ as the teachers always say but personally I don’t think were that bad as my brother’s tables the worse. "My dad told me we’ll be having a new member soon” I say to the boys. “Who is it this time?” Mason asks “Well whoever it is they can’t be as bad as Flynn” Cameron says patting Flynn’s shoulder. I giggled as Flynn looked offended “Well you see that dude with the long curly hair who is sitting on Tyler’s table… Well that’s him” I explained to the boys. “But he looks like a pussy” Nathan says while laughing, “Yeah but I bet hell get more then you when ‘puberty’ hits him” I say smirking “OOO BURN” Flynn says as Nathan throws a half-eaten sandwich at him making everyone laugh. From across the canteen I heard my brothers table getting shouted at making me and the boys laugh as we started ooo them. This caused Tyler to stick his finger up at me so I did it back in return. Then the bell went meaning last lesson until home.

I planned on meeting Cameron and Josh after school as they didn’t have anything planned so we decided to have walk around the woods. I’m close to these two than I am to the rest of the pack because I see Josh as my bother and well Cameron’s my boyfriend “So what you think about the new guy that’s supposed to be joining?” I asked “Like Nath said he looks like a fucking pussy” Josh said as Cameron laughed and agreed. “Maybe you should give the kid a chance before you judge” I said as they laugh. The more we walked the more my feet hurt,” Cammeerroonnn because you really love me can I have a piggyback” I asked pouting as he smiled and bent down for me to jump on.

Once I got on I kissed his neck and said thank you. We started to walk home because I started to get tired. When I got home my mom had made us our tea so once I ate it I decided to go to bed so I said goodnight to everybody and gave Cameron a hug and kiss then went to my room to sleep wondering what the next day would have in store for me.

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