The Unknown *Casey's P.O.V*

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3. Another member

I woke up to the smell of my mommy’s cooking, so I went downstairs to find my mom and Lily in the kitchen.” where’s dad?” I asked my mom “Scott phased last night so him and Nathan hare with him”. “Dayyumm did anyone see?”” There was this one kid name Dave his friend” Lily said. “so what’s dad going to do about him?”” Well Dave said he’ll keep it quiet … for now”. Then Tyler came down from his room with his hair a mess and uniform untidy as he grabs a piece of toast from the breakfast table. “Hey handsome” I say laughing at his stuck up hair “Shut up Case” Tyler says as he pats down his sticking up hair. “Anyway with Scott phasing it means an extra dude to hang with” I say smirking seeing if Tyler heard what I said, Tyler groaned as he realised that it means more lying to his friends “So there’s another one and it has to be one of Roses friends too”” Don’t worry Ty you won’t be the only one lying you’ll have Dave too” “What do you mean? How does Dave know?” “He was there when it happened and said he’ll keep it quiet”
Not long after Cameron and Josh came in ready to walk with me to school.”Hey Baby” I said to Cameron giving him a kiss. “Get a room” Josh shoved me making me laugh. I said goodbye to my mom and Lily and went to school. As we was walked Josh and Cameron was in there own conversation while I was thinking about how Scott must be feeling I mean I’ll probably have to go through all that if I got the gene. When we arrived at school we met up with the rest of the boys who started talking about Scott phasing. “Dude you should have seen his friend he looked so freaked out it was hilarious” “Guys shut up someone could hear you and then it’d be you looking shit scared” I said making sure no one was listening, “Calm down Case we know” Flynn said rolling his eyes. The bell went for first lesson so I said I'd see them later.
The lessons rolled on quickly and soon enough it was dinner. I went to the canteen and sat at my usual table waiting for the boys to come, when they finally arrived Cameron gave me a quick kiss and then we started eating. “Looks like they're getting suspicious with Scott and Dave not being here” Mason pointed out talking about Tyler’s table. “I’ll be back in a minute just going to do something” I said as I got up and walked towards my brothers table knowing it’ll piss him off. “Hello Ty, how’s life?” “what do you want Casey?” my brother replied rolling his eyes “Oh sorry for wanting to know if my big brother okay” I said acting offended “But I guess if you don’t want to talk to me maybe Cody will” I added winking at Cody. I decided to change subject and talk to Rose who btw I’ve never talked to “Soo isn't there usually another kid on here?” “Two actually, Dave and Scott” “Well where are they?” I could see Tyler in the corner of my eye getting more pissed off. “Had the day off, Dave messaged me saying he didn’t feel too good and when Dave doesn’t come Scott doesn't” “Well let’s hope he feels better soon” By this time I could tell Tyler really wanted me to leave so I got up and said goodbye to everyone then went back to my own table. When I got there the boys were laughing at how pissed off I made Tyler. “Casey you bad girl” Josh smirked “oh what’s he going to do tell my dad” everyone started laughing knowing Tyler was scared of our dad. Once the laughing died down I asked what was going on after school “well we’re going to see how the newbie is so you're welcome to join” Mason said as I nodded. Then the bell went signalling end of lunch, so I gave Cameron a hug and kiss and told him to wait for me after school.
Before I knew it the end of the school day came and as Cameron said he would he waited for me. We walked back home together so I could meet Scott and Dave. “Babe you know you have to be careful around Scott cause he’s new to this” “I know just like I was with you careful and patient” I said smiling up at him, “God I Love You” Cameron said with a big smile in his face “Yeah but I Love You More” I replied sticking my tongue out making him laugh. When we finally got to the house I saw two boys with my dad. The one who my guess is Scott had his hair cut just like the others and even the tattoo so the other guy must be Dave. I walked over to my dad and gave him a hug “Boys I’d like you to meet my daughter Casey” I just smiled at them as they looked kind of shocked finding out I’m the Alphas daughter. I left them with my dad and went to go see my mom that’s when I bumped in to Tyler and by the looks of it he was still pissed with me “Why did you have to come over at dinner? You just made things worse for me” “Hey I didn’t do anything I was just curious in where they were” I replied smirking “You knew where they were you just like seeing me pissed that’s the real reason you did it” “Maybe I do” “ And because you’re a daddy’s girl you’ll get away with it” he said as he stormed past me to his room “Lighten up Ty it’s not like they’ll find out” I shouted after him. Me and Tyler argue a lot but that’s cause we clash but deep down we love each even if we don’t show it.
I decided that I should talk Scott more as I’ll be seeing him a lot more now his part of the pack. “Hey Scott, how you feeling “ “Hey, I’m good still trying to get over the fact I turn into a big wolf” he replied smiling “Yeah that’s a lot to take in but me I wars born into it so it not that bad” I say smiling back “So can you phase?” “I don’t know yet but I hope I do cause I know that’d make my dad happy but I’d like it for me because it’s like a gift and not everyone get it so it’s kind of special” “well let me just say the first time KILLS I mean pain everywhere” “Wow thanks Scott for the oh it’s okay” I sarcastically replied making him laugh. “I like you, I think we’ll be close friends” I said making him smile. Me and Scott carried on talking for a while longer until Cameron came over and picked me up and sat me on his lap and kissed me in front of Scott obviously to show I’m his but I’m not going to lie but I love when his jealous it’s cute. “So what you two talking about?” “Oh nothing just getting to know the newbie, why is Baby jealous?” I smirk “Why would I be jealous when you’re already mine babe” I smiled and kissed his cheek. A bit later on I decided to go to bed as today had been a long day so I said goodnight to everyone then climbed upstairs and into bed.


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