The Unknown *Casey's P.O.V*

To read Rose P.O.V go to BethHero:-) profile :P


1. About me

I was born into a family where we have a special gene which if we get it we can shapeshift into a wolf. But for my brother Tyler he didn’t get it and as for me well I don’t know yet. When my dad found out he didn’t have the gene let’s just say he was disappointed but my mom was sportive…Maybe that’s why he started a band they’re called Jet Black.

My dad is Alpha and has seven pack members who all go to my school meaning I spend most of my time with them. They’re like family to me. The pack members are Josh, he’s a hot head, Cameron, he’s my favourite, Flynn, the strange one, Nathan, the ladies’ man, Dan, he’s quiet and caring and then you got brother and sister Mason and Lily who always clash.

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