The Unknown *Casey's P.O.V*

To read Rose P.O.V go to BethHero:-) profile :P


6. A Day Out

I woke up cuddling Cameron “Good Morning Handsome” “Morninggg” his sleepy voice coming through. I thought I’d text Rose to get to know her more  as we'll be seeing each other more often now she knows everything.
Me: Hey Rose want to hang out today, Get to know each other :)
Rose: Hey, yeah sure what you want to do?
Me: Bowling?... do you mind if Cameron tags along?
Rose: sounds cool and I guess so.
Me: We'll pick you up at 12?
Rose: Yes :P
We stayed in bed a little longer cuddling and kissing “I Love You Baby” “I Love You”. We finally got ready and went and picked Rose up.
We pulled up outside the house and Rose got in the back. “Hey Rose” “Hi” she replied smiling, Cameron turned the radio on to some shit music. The drive there was slightly awkward but when we got to the bowling place we started to loosen up. “How about a game of 20 questions?” I asked Rose “Okay you go first” “What's you’re favourite colour?” “Green You?” “Purple” “Mines red” Cameron butted in. “Favourite animal?” “Easy Wolves you?” I say smirking “Panda cause we're so alike” “I’ve got one Mason or Lewis” Cameron said proud of himself “Lewis” I replied making him growl “Top or Bottom?” I asked laughing “Depends on what it is?” “Well do you like to go on top or bottom? Cameron asked “None of your business” Rose said embarrassed “Well I like top personally... Like last night” Cameron smirked while winking at me. “At least now I know who I heard howling” Rise said holding her laugh “Okay change of subject, anyone hungry?” “YES, Pizza please” so we went to the pizza restaurant to get some food before we bowled.  We got a table near the window me and Cameron sat next each other as Rose sat in front of us. “What’s your favourite pizza?” I asked “BBQ Chicken” Rose replied “What's one thing you don’t like?” she added “You” Cameron says sarcastically “I don’t like you either” I rolled my eyes. The food came and we begun eating. After we finished eating we went bowling. We had to change our she’s into clown shoes I call them as they glowed in the dark, Rose laughed at Cameron because the shoes made him look funny this made Cameron give her a dirty look. I went first and failed as it went down the gutter making us laugh “You're shit” Cameron said “Shut up” “Aww don’t  worry Baby ill help you” as it was my go again Cameron came up from behind helping me bowl , I managed to knock some down this time. Rose was next “Do you want me to help you too?” Cameron smirked “No I can do it myself” Rose replies rolling her eyes, as she picked up the bowling ball she said “Dam this is heavy” making Cameron go over picking up two “No they’re not” making me laugh. She got a spare and Cameron got a strike “You're such a show off” I said while kissing him. At the end of the game Cameron won which btw is cheating as he’s got good eye sight. We walked back to the car “Good game ladies” Cameron smirked “Fuck off” “Shut up” me and Rose spoke at the same time.
We dropped Rose off back at home saying our goodbyes, Cameron then took me home giving me a kiss and a cuddle before leaving himself. I started messaging Rose thanking her for the day out and other random things. I went to bed early as I knew I had school in the morning so I kissed my mom and add goodnight and went to bed.

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