My newest installment in my poetry compilation collection.


7. Meaning *Featured in ¨My Halloween¨



I see a paper

Flying away in the wind

But instead of letting go

My thoughts begin to taper

And focus on the dimly

Lit piece of paper

Flying in the night

And think of why, perhaps

It had come to take flight

It could just be

A paper simple

But instead

I think more

Than most people

And delve into the thought

Of what it really means

Who wrote on this paper

Taken to the air

Who took the time

Who had chosen to care

And what had they written

When and how

And even though

It’s flying now

Flying away

No author to name

And still it wanders

It’s message

It’s pain

It still wanders




But still I sit here

All on my own

As I ponder the origin

Of this paper unknown

I’ll now tell you why

I mention the paper

For why would I care

About a small piece, a letter

Because maybe the whole word

It was written to make

Would one day change someone

Instead they would take

More time to live

And then you would see

That this little piece of paper

Is not quite what it seems.

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