My newest installment in my poetry compilation collection.


9. In Tune

In Tune


People think depressing thoughts

They write about what they should not

Instead I think you ought

And why can’t you instead

Think the thoughts inside your head

That would rather be alive, than dead

And then, maybe, once that is done

You can finally, at last become

What your sad poems condemn, for one

What your dreams and wishes once were

Before your mind chose to defer

To complaining to the world, concerned

When you do this, and you can

You will be able to control your hands

Without difficulty and then ban

All the writing that people scrawl

Their bloody writing on the wall

But if they stopped to think at all

They could realize that they

Have control and if you live this way

Then not only can you see another day

But you can live your life

Free of internal strife

And while I recite

The lyrics here

You might think to doubt me but we’re

In the same boat kid, and if you’ll hear

Then one day, soon

You’ll be okay, you can stare at the moon

And instead of your mind being out of whack,

you’ll finally be in tune.

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