Forever Is A Lie

He swore he loved me.
He swore to me that he would never hurt me.
He swore that we'd be together forever.
Now I know that forever was a lie.


1. The Rundown

" Becky.......BECKY! Come downstairs for breakfast please. " yelled my mum.

If you haven't already noticed, my name is Becky. I'm 17 and that's it.

" Okay Mum. Give me time. " I yelled back.

I walk downstairs to retrieve my breakfast. My mum looks at me and smiles.

" There's my little bundle of joy. I have a present for you when you're done with your food. " said my mum.

" A present? It's not even my birthday. Can I just open it while I'm eating? " I asked.

" I know it's not your birthday, but I thought it was time for me to give you something that you haven't had in a long time. " my mum replied with hesitation.

Of course I was curious about what she was talking about, but I had a pretty good idea what she was talking about. Something I haven't had in a long time would be Har-..................................Harry. The one thing I want, but can't have because there is so much anger covering up the feelings. My mum handed the gift to me. It was a big box covered in turquoise wrapping. Only a few people knew my favorite color was turquoise and my mum was not one of them. I opened the box and at the bottom was a book and a note. The book was a photo album of Harry and I. The note was from Harry himself. It read,    " Becky, I'm sorry for what I did. We both know the truth. We both still love the other. I still want to be forever with you. I really do. I love you.  Love, Edward. "

I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. Not in front of my parents.

" Excuse me. " I said as I ran upstairs into my room. 

When I closed my door,  tears began to stream down my face. After everything I'd been through, it came back to me. Let me explain. 

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