Dark Dreams


3. Will someone disappear

 As we went in the store a weird feeling went up my spine while I was walking around I noticed that Samantha was staring at a gray dress with jewels at the top I went over to her and asked "Samantha do you want this dress" she said "Yes and would not call me Samantha I told you I prefer to be called Saella" I said "Okay so Saella is there anything else that you want" she said "Well I did see this other dress that I thought looked amazing let me show you" grabbed my hand and dragged me to where the dress was, when we got there I stood frozen once I saw that it was the same exact dress that Saella was wearing except it had a blue bow around the waist, it wasn't till Sae waved her hand infront of my face that I realized I was still just standing still. Once I moved she asked "Demitrix are you alright" I said "Yeah I was thinking so are you getting the dress or do you want to get something else" she said "I'll get the dress" I said "Alright but I think you should something other than dresses how about we go to the next store and see if you like something there" Sae said "Okay but shouldn't we get Olivia and Addilah" I said "Crap I didn't realize they went off on their own stay right here while I go get them" she said "Okay" as I left. it took a while but I found them after I saw a couple walk away from where the shoes were when I got there I saw them surrounded by a pile of destroyed shoes and boots I sighed and said "You two knock it off Samantha is ready to go to the next come on" they said "Okay" followed me as I got the first dress she wanted then went to where I left her and said Saella go ahead and get the dress so I can pay for it" she said "Sure" grabbed the dress and followed me to the cashier. After I paid for them we went to the next store but before we entered it Olivia and Addilah screamed I turned to them and asked "Why did you guys scream" they said "Look over there its our favorite character from our favorite show can we go see him please" I said "You guys can go Saella and I will go to the store alright" then walked to wear the guy was while we went into Cato. As we were finding outfits for her I noticed that Saella was staring at a dress that was designed to look like space I asked "Do you want it" without looking at me she nodded her head I sighed, got the dress and paid for what she picked out and went to the car while waiting for the others. Olivia and Addilah were giggling when they got to the car I dropped them off after we got something to eat then went home. As I pulled up I got Samantha's stuff put it in the guest room then went to my room and started to do my homework, once I was finished I went to check on Samantha as I opened the door I saw she was asleep so I closed the door back and went to research about dreams coming into reality. After a few hours I didn’t find any information while stretching I noticed that it was getting close to midnight then I saw Samantha standing in the doorway as I was turning to face her I asked “Did you need something” she said “I just came to get something to eat but I ended up here since I don’t really know where the kitchen is I got up and said “I’ll fix you something so what would you like” she said “Just some chips” I ask “Are you sure that’s all you want” she nodded then looked like she was about to say something but stopped, I noticed that she was hesitating so I went to the kitchen, made two sandwiches & got a bag of chips and went back to her then handed her one of the sandwiches & chips, I started eating while Saella was staring at the sandwich, I stopped eating and ask "Is something wrong with it or do you not want it" she said "No its just that I don't really eat ham do you have turkey" I said "Yes hang on I'll get you some" as I was changing the ham for turkey I heard Saella ask "Demitrix I know this may sound strange but have you ever had dreams with me in it" I stood there deciding whether I should tell her or not, once I finally decided I told her “Yes, but how do you know and why are you asking” she said “I’ve had some dreams with you in it, the last one was with me crying cause I couldn’t escape this place and you wouldn’t help and I had to make sure you were the right person” I said “Okay and I guess this necklace belongs to you Sae” she asked “How did you get it I’ve been looking for it for a while thank you for returning it” I said “No problem and I got it this morning along with a message that has your name on it, telling me to wear it” she said “That’s strange but how did it get to you” I told her, “I don’t know I found it on the end of my bed” we both thought it was strange and far from a coincidence but we decided we would discuss this another time and went to bed. At some point in the night we were brought into the same dream which I wasn’t aware of until I heard her calling my name; as I turned around I saw her wearing the same dress from the last one. She walked towards me while asking “Demitrix, do you know what’s happening” I told her, “Well I’m pretty sure we’re having the same dream but I don’t know what’s going to happen next so we may want to be cautious of what will happen okay” she nodded her head and stood close to me which didn’t help much when she was surrounded by the mist, as I started to clear it away I was that she was gone. I looked around, but there was no trace of her to be seen so I started to call for her; at first I didn’t get a response, but as I got close to this abandoned building I heard her screaming then I noticed that a certain room was glowing purple which was when I realized that it was the same shade as Sae's necklace. While I was getting closer I saw her on the ground, shaking with this strange person standing over her as she came to realize I was there the stranger came to the same conclusion and attempted to attack Sae so I blocked his path while asking her "Are you alright, Saella" she nodded her head and was about to get up when out of nowhere something appears behind her, grabs her arm and disappears as she called my name. Upon noticing that she was gone I attempt to ask the stranger where she is, but he was gone; left without knowing what to do I fall on my knees and scream "SAELLA."


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