Dark Dreams


2. An Encounter of Fate

As she was getting closer I was wishing that I hadn't come to school today, when she got to me she ask "Did you have that dream again" as she was waiting for my answer someone walked over to us and asked "Excuse me can you show me the way to the principal's office" as I turned around I started to reply then stopped when I saw her, I stood frozen thinking that she looked just like Saella and at the same time didn't, I was so confused on what I should do next while thinking she ask me "Are you alright" as I was coming back to reality I said "I was just lost in thought I'll take you to the principal's office" she said "Thank you my name is Samantha Jones but I prefer to be called Saella or Sae what's your names" my head was racing while I said "I'm Demitrix McCain and this is my cousin Olivia Mickey it's nice to meet you well let's go to the principal's office see you later Olivia" when we started to walk away Samantha ask "Demitrix why is Olivia following us and looking at me weird" I said "I have no idea it's best to just ignore her she can be like this from time to time so Sae where did you come from" my question caused her to stop when I looked at her she said "Um... to be honest I don't know where I'm from I have no memory of my childhood or family I was only told to come here by the people who found me" I said "Oh I'm sorry I asked wait does that mean you came here by yourself" she said "It's fine and yes I did why" I asked "Do you have a place to stay or somewhere to sleep" she shook her head no, while I was thinking Olivia came up to us and suggested “if you don’t have a place to stay why not stay at Demitrix’s house I’m sure he wouldn’t mind”  as I was about to disagree Sae asked “Would you let me stay at your house please I won’t bother you or mess up anything" I didn't want to say yes but I also didn't want her to stay at some random person's house once I decided I said "I guess you can stay as long as there won't be any problems well here is the principal's office" she said "Thank you so much for letting me stay and for bringing me here goodbye" then went in his office. While we were walking away I said "What the heck were you thinking offering her to stay at my house you could have at least let me know you were planning to do that" She said "What's the problem besides I knew you weren't going to let her stay at some random place were you" I sighed and said "No but still we don't know anything about her besides I have a feeling that she may be the girl from that dream I was having and yes I did have it again but this one was different and when I woke up I found this necklace & the weird thing is that she was wearing it in my dream" she looked shocked when I showed her the necklace then asked "What are you going to do now" I said "I don't know but we should go to class show Samantha to her class when she comes out and please don't tell anything about the dreams" after she said "Okay" I walked away. Throughout the day I thought about the dream wondering why I kept having it as well as the meaning behind it, while I was getting ready to leave Samantha came up to me and asked "Is it alright I ride with you" I said "Sure but don't you have to get your clothes and stuff" she said "No I don't have any clothes with me" I didn't know what I had gotten myself or why I decided to go along with this but I guess I have to help with this as well I asked her "How about we go to a few stores and get you some clothes after I take you to my house" she said "Thank you" just as we were getting in my car Olivia and her friend Addilah Jones ran over to us when I saw them staring at Samantha I asked "Why are you guys staring at her" Olivia walked over to me and whispered "I told Addilah about her and your recurring dream so she wanted to meet her" I sighed and said "Addilah would not stare at her and since you guys are here maybe you could help Samantha look for new clothes" the said "Sure we don't mind helping" I said "Alright you guys can ride with us and when we go in the stores Olivia I don't want you to do anything to scare or freak out people & don't try to something weird for Samantha to wear got it" she said "Alright geez I do that once and I not allowed to go any stores without a responsible person" I said "Well if no one goes with you who knows what you'll do now buckle in" once they were I started to drive off. Once I got home I saw two packages on the porch as I was getting out Samantha ran to the the packages and started to open them I ran to her and asked "What are you doing why are you opening them" she said "It's alright these are from the people who took care of me and I thought they forgot" I said "Why don't we take these inside then you can open them after we come back from getting you some clothes okay" she said "Okay" and went back to the car while I put the packages in the house then drove to the first clothes store.

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