Forever summer

everybody needs to find jamie before he finds himself


3. Not quite over

         Three years later 

        My heart thumped in my chest and if at all possible my .....ooops ,no!

          Bad Alex , you cant think like that.   

       My messy black mop was well still messy , like he liked it , but just smoothed  I guess.

  I smiled at the red crop top , it was cute, with a floor length tule skirt mto match.

  No shoes , we were on a boat , which is where we will stay for two weeks.....yum.

I froze, what the fuck !! dirty alex , bad girl , calm your tits.

Things flew past as I walk down the hall to the stair -case.

" Omg !! you look fantastic ! , time to go", Ellie Deans sister giggled stomping  down the stairs.

I gape at her in wonder , note to self do NOT give her candy.

The tempo made very antsy , I just wanted to run headlong down this damned isle and kiss him so hard his lips swelled.

I pause , where are the thoughts coming from ?! Bad girl, calm down , I snap at myself.

At the last step I slip but catch myself on a banner.

   A nervous giggle escapes and Dean chuckles into his hands.

For the rest of ceremony , I am bouncing and giggling.

The pastor placed a hand on my bare shoulder to stop me twice and then gave in with a laugh.

" And the .." " Bride may kiss the Groom !", I say throwing myself at him.

 Dean caught me with a huge grin on his face. I wiped off that silly grin by throwing my arms   around his neck, tossed the bouquet in to the crowd and shoved my tongue into his mouth.

He was startled at first but then wrapped a strong arm around my waist and gripped the back of my neck softly but firmly.

An annoying pulling came from my thigh.

 I unglued myself from my husband and looked down.

Thank Ellie  for matte lipstick.

It was the flower girl.

I bent to her height, her little form was shaking. She cupped her little hands to her mouth.

I frowned leaning to hear her." He is here , He will never let you go, your are his ", she whispered.

I jerked away gasping at the red mark growing on her little blouse.

we both looked at it , confusion lit her tiny features ,then surprise and then pain as she crumpled.

A horrible sound came from me before I joined her on the floor.

The world was black and painful.







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