Final Last Words (ON HOLD!)

Monica is the only survivor of Jacky, the modern day Jack the ripper. He doesn't know she's still alive, so when she wakes up from a Coma three years later; Jacky isn't too thrilled. Monica goes back to her life, but soon she realizes that it isn't as safe as she thought. Tragedy soon strikes her life, and she finds herself at a point where she wishes she wasn't alive . She soon finds herself being hunted like an animal, and she soon realizes that she will have to protect herself. The question that plays in her mind is: Who is Jacky, and why does he want her dead. EDITED VERSION OF THE STORY. WILL BE POSTING ONE CHAPTER AT A TIME. READS WILL DECIDE IF I KEEP WRITING IT. THIS IS A SHORT STORY. THERE WILL BE ONLY 5 OR 6 CHAPTERS TO THIS.


6. Tragedy With An Awakening

The next day was calm, and I was thankful for that. I was sitting at my desk going through paperwork when I heard my name being called. I looked over my desk to see Mr. Cooper, and I stood up immediately.

“Yes sir.” He stopped in front of me, and my eyes landed on a guy. This guy was fairly tall, with dark hair, and dark eyes. He was handsome to say the least.

“This Alexander, he will be working alongside you. He will be the file and meeting manager. Show him the ropes, and the rules.” I nodded as he walked away. The guy walked forward, and leaned against my desk.

“What may I call you,” he asked looking at me. I crossed my arms, and smiled. He was going to be annoying; I could tell he was going to be.

“You can call me Monica, I am the assistant, and you are the under assistant. It’s what he likes to call your position.” I walked to the filing station. He wasn’t to far behind, and I was glad.

“No need to show me how to file, I already know how to. You can tell me the rules as I get started.” He picked up a stack of papers, and did exactly what he said he was. I shrugged and started to tell him the rules.

“1. Don’t ever be late. Never in your life be late. If you are go tell him exactly why.” He nodded slowly, and said nothing. “2. Do whatever Mr. Cooper asks of you. I have known him very little, but he doesn’t like to be denied of what he wants.”

“So basically suck up to him?” he asked looking at me. I nodded, and crossed my arms. “I can do that I guess.”

“You better. 3. Never interrupt a meeting. I obeyed this rule strictly because his last two assistants have been fired because of it.” He went back to filing, and I was getting upset. He seemed to be annoyed with me somewhat, and it was pissing me off. “That's all the rules. Feel free to break any of them.” I walked away, and went back to my desk. That guy was already becoming a problem.

My phone started to ring; I picked it up. “Hello.”

“Yes, Is This Monica Murray?” My heart started to beat fast, but I got myself to calm down.

“Yes this is she, may I ask who’s asking?” The line was silent, but the man began to speak again.

“Please come to hospital, your mother is here. I am Dr. Jones.” My heart dropped when I heard that. I could feel the tears run down my cheeks.

“I’m on my way.” I ended the call, and picked up the one on my desk. I called Mr. Cooper's office and told him I would be leaving early. He agreed to let me go, and I rushed to my car. I drove to the hospital fast, and I knew I shouldn’t drive emotional. I knew that, but this was my mother. We didn’t get along at times, but she was still my mother at the end of the day. I ran into the hospital.

“I’m here to see Dr. Jones,” I said to the nurse behind the counter. She nodded, and paged him. He soon walked out from the back. When his eyes fell to me, his face softened.

“Miss. Murray, Please sit down.” I did as he asked and tried to keep calm.

“Is she alright, what happened?” He said nothing, but I could he wanted to.

“Miss. Murray, I’m sorry, but your mother…she didn't make it.” Tears started to run down my face, and he placed his hand on my shoulder before leaving. I don’t know how long I sat there and cried, but I knew it was a long time. It was about noon when I left, and as I looked at my phone it was going on 2pm. I ran my hands through my hair, and looked up.

“I’m sorry for you loss.” I could tell he was as sad as I was. I just lost my mother. I lost my mother. I looked up at him, and a question came to mind.

“How did she die?” He seemed surprised at my question, but sighed slowly.

“Same way the other women died. Cut to the throat and neck.” My heart sank even further, but most of all I felt anger. I want to catch him; I want him to feel what he inflicted on all the women that he has killed.

“I want to find him,” I started slowly as I stood. Liam looked at me as if I was crazy.

“Let the us do our jobs.” I looked at him, and started to walk pass him.

“I have been waiting for you to do your job. Now my mother is dead.”

“That doesn’t mean you can go around killing people.”

“Why in the hell are you so worried about a killer?”


“Because what?”

“Just because. Don’t do this.”

“I’ll do what I want.”

I got in my car, and started back to my house. I’m coming for you Jacky.


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