Final Last Words

Monica is the only survivor of Jacky, the modern day Jack the ripper. He doesn't know she's still alive, so when she wakes up from a Coma three years later; Jacky isn't too thrilled. Monica goes back to her life, but soon she realizes that it isn't as safe as she thought. Tragedy soon strikes her life, and she finds herself at a point where she wishes she wasn't alive . She soon finds herself being hunted like an animal, and she soon realizes that she will have to protect herself. The question that plays in her mind is: Who is Jacky, and why does he want her dead. EDITED VERSION OF THE STORY. WILL BE POSTING ONE CHAPTER AT A TIME. READS WILL DECIDE IF I KEEP WRITING IT. THIS IS A SHORT STORY. THERE WILL BE ONLY 5 OR 6 CHAPTERS TO THIS.


1. Prologue


Monica, you should really go home. Youve been here all day, Jonathon said slowly. I looked up at the very handsome guy in front of me and smiled.

Ill be fine okay, go home. Your wifes waiting for you. He didnt push the argument, and he left just as I instructed him to.

My name is Monica, Monica Murray. I work in an accounting firm, but many find this hard to believe. I have bright red hair, blue eyes, with yellow strikes in them, and I love red lipstick. Most people have thought I’m strange for dying my hair this color, but honestly I could care less.

It was 10 pm now, and I was still at work. Which wasn’t anything new, if you knew me. Most men call me beautiful, but I don’t associate with things such as those. I wear makeup, care about my appearance only because of my job. I am the highest paid in the firm because I handle wealthier clients money. I was looking through the paperwork of one of my clients when I heard the door close.

“Johnny, is that you” I yelled out? No one answered, and that was strange. I got up from my desk, and walked to the entryway of the firm. There was no one there, but the door was ajar. I quickly closed it, and locked it. I ran my fingers through my hair, “damn teenagers.”

I was walking back to my desk when I saw that the boss’s office door was open. I knew that she had closed it, and I knew I hadn’t opened it. I slowly made my way over to the door, and as I was about to close it I saw something move.

“Boo,” whispered someone in the darkness. I took off for the door, and I soon realized that I had locked myself in. It would take forever to unlock all the locks. I looked around the room, and a door caught my eye. The stairs. I ran as fast as I could, taking them two at a time.

I heard the door burst open, the metal frame hitting the solid stonewall. I got faster, and soon I reached the roof. I looked around for a place to hide, and the old power box was the only option. I could hear the pounding of feet running up the stairs, and I was terrified. I climbed into the box, closing the door completely. They cleaned all the metal out of the box, so it only left a human size metal box on top of the roof. I took deep breaths to try to steady my breathing, and it seemed to work. When I heard the door to the roof squeak open my breath hitched.

I heard the footsteps growing closer, and closer, until they stopped right in front of me.

“You will soon hear of me and my funny little games.” My heart literally stopped as those words left his lips, and I let out a breath. I heard a laugh, and the door to the box flew open. In walked a man in all black, and a very tall hat. He grabbed me by my hair, pulling me onto the roof. I started to scream, but I knew it


was no use. I had to try even though it was no use. His hand met my face with force, and I tasted my own blood for the first time.

“Be a good girl now. It won’t be long,” he whispered as he dragged me to the edge.

I wrapped my arms around my body, and I felt my phone. I pulled it out slowly, but he saw me. I cut it on quickly, and smashed my alert.

He snatched the phone away from me, “You’re a naughty girl.” He threw my phone on the ground, and pushed me onto my back.

“Please, please, don’t hurt me,” I pleaded through my sobs. He laughed hysterically, and he pulled out a knife.

“Sorry, I don’t spare whores.” He pulled my shirt from my pants, and stuck the blade into my lower stomach. I let out a gasp as he slowly glided the knife across, and I stared into the green eyes that were grinning.

He leaned down close to my ear, “Jack is back.” Everything went dark.


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