Final Last Words

Monica is the only survivor of Jacky, the modern day Jack the ripper. He doesn't know she's still alive, so when she wakes up from a Coma three years later; Jacky isn't too thrilled. Monica goes back to her life, but soon she realizes that it isn't as safe as she thought. Tragedy soon strikes her life, and she finds herself at a point where she wishes she wasn't alive . She soon finds herself being hunted like an animal, and she soon realizes that she will have to protect herself. The question that plays in her mind is: Who is Jacky, and why does he want her dead. EDITED VERSION OF THE STORY. WILL BE POSTING ONE CHAPTER AT A TIME. READS WILL DECIDE IF I KEEP WRITING IT. THIS IS A SHORT STORY. THERE WILL BE ONLY 5 OR 6 CHAPTERS TO THIS.


3. Forget

I made it to the police department quickly, quicker than I wanted to actually. I parked at the end of the parking lot, and made my way toward the door. When I entered there were police everywhere, and it was making me nervous. Not that I’ve had trouble with police in the past, it's just I don’t like cops. Result of being around my father for half of my life, and my mother hated that time of my life. I walked up to the counter, and they man sitting behind it instantly turned his attention to me.

“What may I help you with miss?” He asked smiling.

“I’m here to see Officer Liam,” I responded shyly.

His smile grew brightly, “I’ll get him for you.”

“No need John.” A voice said from behind me. I turned around and a smiling Officer Liam met me. “Please follow me,” he said walking down a hall. I followed him at close range, and he soon stopped at an office. He opened the door for me, and I walked in slowly. There was a man sitting behind a desk, and he must be the captain.

He stood as soon as he saw me, “Please sit, Miss. Murray.” I did as he told me, but how did he know my name. Officer Liam sat right beside me, and the captain sat back down. “I am Captain Renard, Brian Renard.” He said holding his hand out. I took it, and shook it.

“Nice to meet you. I’m sure you already know my name.” He nodded and looked at Officer Liam. It was like it was something they weren’t telling me.

“Is there something you would like to share with me?” I asked looking at both of them. They said nothing, so I stood up. “I will be leaving if the only thing you will be doing is staring at each other.”

Before I could move they both yelled, “Wait!”

I sat back down and crossed my legs, “Now, are you men ready to give me some answers.” Renard looked really annoyed and so did Liam. Wow, call them by their last names Monica. I ignored my thoughts, and looked at the two men before me.

“Monica, you are very lucky to be alive. Do you know why?” Renard asked crossing his arms across his chest.

“I assume it’s because I’m the only survivor of a serial killer,” I replied looking directly in his eyes.

“That, and because he was sloppy with your cutting.” I was confused, but I didn't say anything.

We talked for a good hour, and we finally ended the conversation. I found out that there were 10 other women that weren’t as lucky as me when they crossed paths with the so-called Jacky. Get up and leave already.

I stood up, “I should be going. My mother is expecting me.” They both nodded, and I proceeded to leave. I honestly wanted to just forget about this, and proceed with my life. I knew it wouldn’t be that easy, but I wished it were. You know you can’t get over things quickly. I rolled my eyes at the thought, and exited the station.

The drive home felt like hours because of traffic, and I was honestly pissed off. I was relieved when I finally saw my driveway, and I quickly pulled it. I parked, and went to the back door. I tried to unlock it, but it was already unlocked. My heart started to pound as I stepped in, and how dark it was wasn’t helping.

“Hello?” I called out loudly, but I got no answer. I walked toward the living room, and everything was telling me not too. Why are you walking? You really want to die don’t you? I walked into the living room, and I let out a huge sigh when nothing was there.

I put my hands on my head; you’re going crazy Monica. I walked into my room, and there was a note on my bed. I froze where I was standing. I knew that wasn't there when I left, and I slowly picked it up. The front was signed with a name, and a name that made my heart beat even faster than it already was. It was signed, Jacky. I slowly opened it, and I started reading.

Dear Beautiful

I know you are probably dead by now, but whoever is reading this, just know that I am deeply sorry for your loss. Tell the police that are looking for me Jack is back.

Dear Boss, I shan’t stop ripping these whores until you catch me –Jack The Ripper

I balled the paper up, and threw it in the trash. He thinks I’m dead, and it’s going to stay that way. I went into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. I felt disgusting, and even though I was physically clean. I didn’t feel that way.  After I got out of the shower, I went to bed. It was still bright out, but I was dead tired. I closed my eyes, and pictured my father. I slipped off into the darkness, wanting its warmth.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?” My voice was soft, and my mom stepped in front of me.

She looked down at me, “Go to your room, daddy’s fine.” I did as she asked, but when I was about to go into my room, I heard a scream. A bone chilling scream, and then there was silence.

A silence that made my heart pound,“ Mom, Dad!” I called out into the darkness and silence of the room. There was no answer, and then there was a voice that was so familiar.

A voice that made everything in my child body shiver, “Boo” It said.

I shot up in bed, and put my hands on my head. “No, stop this Monica,” I said aloud to myself. It was now dark outside, and I knew that if I got up it would be a while until I went back to sleep. I lay back down, and tried to go to sleep again. I don't want the memory; bury them like all the others. I did just that, and I fell back into a blissful sleep.



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