''Silver Clouds''

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  • Published: 26 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 26 Sep 2016
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A young graduated boy is not good at relationships but when he loses his beloved mother, his existence finds almost no meaning and purpose.


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  Drex Patell was unhappy in his relationships. His love life always ends up with a break-up. But this was nothing in comparison to his biggest loss in his 18 years old life. Recently Drex has lost his mother, Rosabella.

If he never suffered from bad relationship, now his heart was broken. No, shattered. Rosabella was the only female he ever truly loved. No girl in the world could compare to his mother. Rosabella was like the sun in his life. Now this sun went down. Forever. Even he was grown-up young man now, Drex couldn't stop crying. How would he live from now on? Was it enough for him to visit his mother's grave every day and ''talk'' to her? Drex was on the verge of losing his mind. In the empty house, sometimes he wishes to burn everything, including himself. His father, since he lost his wife, couldn't stop drinking and was rarely home. Drex' family was falling apart. His future was falling apart and nothing and no one could fix the missing pieces. Everything looked like the saddest movie ever transmitted worldwide, except no other man knew what was in Drex' heart and soul.

In moments of sanity, the 18 -year old boy stands in front of the shelf with vinyls, a collection of jazz standards his mother used to like very much, picked up one of them and played it in the old gramophone. The gramophone was left to Rosabella as a present from her mother who is in heaven, too.

Drex adores listening the music his mother used to love. In it, he founds a piece of her-alive and vibrant, often while listening, Drex remembers her laughter and how they used to have fun together. The memories of Rosabella were the only thing that warmed up Drex' heart and tried, event hough hard, to heal it from the monstrous pain. Was it possible?

-Nobody cares for me now!-thought and cried Drex- I don't wanna live anymore! Lord, tell me what I should do?

A tragedy with magnitude like this is unbearable for absolutely everyone. The connection between a mother and a son is irreversibly broken. Accepting the new situation is harder than all could think. Drex was completely lost, felt abandoned. Cold and emptiness found shelter in his heart. Sun rays couldn't reach it anymore, it was useless anyway. Happiness waved him goodbye. All good days disappeared so fast and surely will never come back. The world of Drex became a nasty place and he couldn't escaped it.


                                                                                             . . .


   The morning was misty. Drex had nightmares during the night. He woke up and saw the calendar. Two months without his most valuable person in life-Rosabella-his lovely and gone too soon mother. Drex felt depressed, more gloomy than ever. There were only onion rings and yogurt in the fridge. The young man wanted nothing. He wanted just one impossible thing-to bring back his mother or to see her for one last time.

A bit later, Drex opened the family album and started turning the pages with the photographs. His mother was everywhere. These pictures spoke to the boy with no words. Now this once documented world was so distant and far away from him, like the people in the pictures were from another family, from another country, from another life. Drex felt sick. Threw away the album, his thoughts didn't gave him a rest.

-If I stay in this place any longer, I'd go crazy!-he thought and with no further ado grabbed his coat and went outside.

There were little hills and a field around the house. A bench,too. No sign of birds. Even the wild flowers were not that vital as always. Nature somehow faded to gray, just like the lonesome Drex. He and the nature were dead inside.


                                                                                       . . .


 It began to rain slowly. Drex didn't realize when it began and the fact that he was cuddled asleep in the bench. The rain drops suddenly woke him up. Hopefully, the water from the clouds came to him to wash away his troubles but he knew it was impossible. The motherless boy never enjoyed the rain like right now. And then something struck him. It was not the notion about seeing the small things in life, no, it was a little lightning. A small amount of electricity moved suddenly through his body but did no harm to any of the body parts of the youngster. It revived him. Gave him that sparkle of life he lost the moment he lost his mother. Strangely, but Drex felt himself like Frankenstein, not just a corpse and painful thoughts. His father was still gone. Drex had no idea when he will return home. His dad was like a lost and stray dog nobody wants anymore. Drex went inside the shelter,called home. He felt no strange at all. He had just experienced something divine. Maybe it was a sign, a sign angels wanted to show him. But what it was really? The young boy was too tired to think anyway. The night just like the previous one was just so dark and lonely. Not just the night.


                                                                                             . . .


 Another dull morning. Nothing promised to be different. Just like every dull morning from the last two months. Drex didn't want to live alone anymore. He misses his father. And while Drex was thinking that, someone knock the door.

-This have to be dad!-he smiled-who else?

When the grieving young man open, he didn't saw his father. Drex saw.....saw......saw.....


-Honey, it's me.......you're not dreaming!

-But how,mom? You.........

-I know I have passed away but your angels told me you need me one last time and the heavenly Father sent you a sign

-The lightning!-Drex immediately remembered.

Rosabella continued:

-Do not suffer for me, my dear boy, I am perfectly fine and happy....up above....in heaven......Know that I'll always protect you! I'll be in the music you listen, in the landscape you see, in the morning breeze....in everything around you!

 Rosabella hugged Drex but her ethereal embrace couldn't be felt by the boy, only bright white light surrounded him. Drex wanted to ask his mother so many things, wanted to be with her a bit longer but with no warning, after smile at his son for goodbye, the grieving boy saw how Rosabella, his much-beloved mother descended into the silver clouds.

The young Patell started to cry. His emotions were mixed and intense. The joy mingled with lost, his happiness from the unusual brief encounter with his dead mother mingled with the still fresh grief. Tears were falling but a shadow stood on the doorstep next to him. Drex raised his head and saw the figure of his father who was also in tears and visible agony. The son hugged him and told him a special story. Both father and son started a new chapter of their lives.

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