Fexi and the World of Aldurdanum

Over billions of people that roam the planet Earth, let's take a look at a certain red-headed artist in 25 named Fexi Aldrass. A prodigy is actually the best word to describe her. She thinks of everything as easy, quick, and fun. Very confident and doesn't actually like the idea of losing. She wanted to feel the adrenaline and the excitement of struggling to finish a masterpiece. That's when her life comes across a certain café called "Requiem"... And to add the fact that... Life can sure be a bitch.


2. Café Trouble

Still disappointed, I walked with my shoulders slumped. I didn't know where I was going but it was still early so why not take more walks? As I didn't know, I was walking part of downtown in my town. With trudging steps, I looked for a place with excitement. At the same time, I looked to to my side and saw a vintage styled coffee shop. 

It was small and displayed colors of brown, mocha, and a bit of bronze. "Requiem" huh? Quite fancy for a café name "These kinds of café wouldn't last in a modern world like this." I shook my head, amused that someone really built up a place like this. But curiosity got the best of me and entered the café. 

As I opened the door, the sweet aroma of coffee embraced me as well as the smell of old books. There were no people in the café. Seems like it wasn't popular. 

Just then, a waitress greeted me. "Good day to you Miss." I looked at her outfit. 

She wore one of those vintage waitress dress, she had doe like eyes, had lips which are quite circle shaped if you ask me, her hair was also curled abnormally upward. And most of all, she wore the thickest make up I have ever seen. 

I smiled and greeted her as well "Good day to you too." Oh I get it, it's a theme café. I sat down on the nearest empty seat, when the waitress before came to me with their "menu". 

I scanned it's contents. Rollercoaster donuts, whimpy whippy cream cake, rainbow banana floa-- What?! These are some hella weird names.

So I searched for something that was normal and the only thing that was is... 


So I smiled and asked for some water. She nodded politely and left. I looked at the paintings around and they all looked out from this world. 


I mean the person who painted these is 100% genius. Such as the scenery on the painting beside me, it displayed something like vivid dreams or memories of the artist because I have not yet seen a waterall with it's flow from down to up. 

The images were weird but at the same time, it was enchanting.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by the waitress and she brought me the water. It was VERY blue... Like how I drew it when I was 3. 

So I said to the waitress. "Excuse me, but I ordered water..." The waitress looked shocked and said "But young miss, it is water. Isn't it how humans draw it?" 

Now it was my turn to be shocked. Like, seriously? Isn't this common sense? And what does she mean "humans"? 

We are suddenly approached by a guy, another waiter perhaps. He bowed "I'm terribly sorry of the inconvinience we've caused, we shall replace your order very quick." 

He was handsome. 

He had those sharp but gentle gaze in his eyes, long pointed nose, and quite  feminine type of lips, and around the height of 180 cm. 

And he strangely had white to golden hair. 

"O-Okay." I stuttered. 

I felt my hand twitch and I suddenly had the urge to draw. I suddenly got my sketchpad and began sketching rapidly. 

I was strangely drawing the waiter who approached me.

Although, it's weird that my hands seemed like they weren't going to stop what they were doing. That's when I paused for a moment to see my progress and expecting it to be finished by now.

But that wasn't the case. I was almost finished, except for the fact that I skipped the man's face. I tried to remember and look at the man, starting to draw his facial features but with every attempt. 

Strangely, I began blacking out and with every moment passing by, it was getting hard for me to draw. 

What the hell? 

I was getting puzzled. I've accomplished my first potrait artwork at the age of 6 which experts says, could rival "Mona Lisa". 

So why the heck is it getting hard for me to draw a measly handsome, god-looking waiter? 

Then the waiter came back with clear water, breaking my thoughts. "Your order, young miss."

I lifted my head to look at him and his facial features, and they were really easy to draw. 

As I was staring at him I furrowed my eyebrows, he was probably getting uncomfortable. 

But I don't care. 

Why does a person like him makes a prodigy like me struggle in my specialty. 

"Just who the hell are you?"

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