End it all.... ( Phan )

Dan and Phil have been have friends for the longest time. But what happens when they begin to have feelings for each other? Will it be to late after one of the has a "accidental" critical accident? Will they end up together, or will they be to afraid of rejection still waiting for the other, will they move on? Read end it all... To find out.


4. Chapter 4: Dan

Dan: Hours later, we decided to go to bed. Well for m tumblr until four a.m. and Phil sleep and hopefully without adding any more cuts. Phil and I walk down the hallway towards our room we stop at Phil's room I pull him in to a tight hug. Hoping he wouldn't catch on about how much I didn't want to let go. And how much I wanted to pull him in to a long kiss. His lips brushed against me ear as we pulled away from the hug. I felt my face heat up. "Dan are you alright?" Phil asked noticing my bright red flushed face. I nod, releasing a breath I didn't know I was holding in. "Goodnight Dan." And with that he walked into his room closing his door almost completely keeping in mind his phobia of getting locked in and dying. I chuckle quietly at his ridiculous phobia. I walk into my room and close the door partially only because it was like a billion degrees in London. I go in and grab my laptop of my desk and go and lay my laptop on top of my bed to go change into my pajamas. When I was done I go and lay on my bed and log into my MacBook. I open up tumblr and scroll through my feed. There was a lot of new and incredible draw Phil naked's frankly it was kind of adorable. I clicked on one and emailed it to Phil. It was perfect for his next video. When it gave me the successfully  delivered indication I exited the tab and returned to tumblr. After about twenty minutes of scrolling through my feed. I saw an "erotic"Phanfiction. I giggled. Phan little did anyone know I made a fake account and created Phan. I clicked add to my library. (Is that even a thing on tumblr???) I would read that later when I needed some laughs. I eventually checked the time. Five thirty a.m. Hmmmm new record. Just kidding I set my laptop down on the bedside and plugged it in to the charger. I layer down still over heating from the London heat. I will sleep without a shirt for just tonight, I pulled my shirt off and left it on the floor. I eventually walked into the bathroom. It was time. I pulled out my razor. And added three more cuts to both sides of my body. I winced and whined quietly at the pain. I used a paint brush to put salt water on the bandages, I slowly put them on the new cuts as well as the old one some of which opened while I was sleeping the night before. I winced hopefully not loud enough to wake Phil. I walked as quietly as I could back to my room and closed my door. I walked over and layered down on my bed letting out low sounding whimper, after getting used to the pain I eventually drifted off to sleep.



A/n: Sorry I haven't updated in a while I have been really sick and my iPad wasn't working so I had to get it fixed and I have been under a lot of stress. So I will upload another two or three chapters today maybe if I can not feel like I'm dying. 



Ok byeeee my lil pikachu'ss



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