A dream I had.


1. 001

After the loss of my old black cat which I on his neglecting in the forest have credited with better care, I realized to have acted well, as I was for weeks a guest in the home of an abominable catbreeder. Because I had lost my residence, I had no other choice then to behold the sad life of these cats. Everyday I fed them with savoury meals but I couldn't prevent the many pregnacies of the mothercat, although I had requested the breeder to castrate her. He refused my request and placed the young cats consequently in a dark hole under the stairs; without any food.

After a couple weeks I moved into another home and went over to the breeder's house because my friend also lodged there. What I saw in the backyard loathed me regarding the breeder; a four week old cat, shivering in the snow. I picked up the tigress, brought her to my home and called her Cthyllha.

On a certain night I had a frightening dream; the house which I lived in was ten times larger than usual, many sections still compelled to be discovered in an anxious sphere, for I had dreamed this before. There were many doors, many stairs, every capacity was fully covered in darkness; just like in reality in my home, there was no electricity. But also no candles, nor any furniture; everything was gray and dark; all what could illuminate the dim concours was my flashlight in the sinister apparition. When I opened the door on the rightside from the hall, Cthyllha rushed unto the balcony in the obscure night, I followed her cautious in the bright darkness, dotted with luminous stars which were in such intercourse position that it looked ominous to me. At my first reaction I called her back within and cutted off the darkness from outside. But once back in the mainhall appeared on top of the lowest stairs a queer light in front of Cthyllha; she bent her back, her countenance in agressive attitude and sweared towards the odd phenomenon. To protect her I approached the stairs but it was not the lightshade what trembled me so dearly. At the bottom of the stairs were three spirits consisting of a glimmering aura and now I knew for sure that the lightphenomena at the top of the stairs was also a spirit in another manifesto. Of the three lowest spirits was only the middle clearly visible, a little boy; with even a perceptible red jersey. When the strange lights came towards me like fog, I fell out of fear from the stairs, ending at the feet of the youngest spirit.

In that time I waked up, perspired of fright; my dreams couldn't pursue me anymore. Shortly after this the nomads arrived on our ground, a fair female with a man whom never showed himself. The worst were the lots of animals which travelled along with them; many big cats and a couple atrocious dogs, I believe they also brought rats with them for I had never marked them before in this area. The fair woman asked me if a number of her enormous cats could sojourn in my room; if I had known better I wouldn't have agreed, from ignorance I had commerced.

It didn't take much time before the horror revealed itself, for the true disposition of the horrid cats was seen. Later on, when I entered my room it was as if terror seized upon me, the hideous beasts had pierced their sharpened teeth into the flesh of Cthyllha and were now consuming her alive! Responding rapidly, I picked her up from the claws of the infernal brutes; her blood dripping upon the carpet. I was almost convinced that she was dead, being astonished while gazing upon her, observing movements of a mutilated body; she was barely alive. When I wanted to carry her off she jumped in agony on the floor and entrenched under the bed; trembling of fear. Fastly, I looked under the bed to increase her chance of surviving but next to her perched one of the loathsome black cats. Quickly I took her up and disappeared from the room what once had been my place of reposing.

Immediately I walked in the direction towards the proprietress of the intimidative cats; the fair female. I showed her my mutilated cat and malignant I demanded from her that they had to leave our ground. She only lamented that she couldn't do that for she loved her cats; maybe she narrated truth, but badly tended and terrifying. For Cthyllha's welfare I decided to leave the ground, she needed medical aid elseway she wouldn't be able to outlive this; I could only hope that she could bear it that long.

Once outside we were presently confronted with the revulsion, but such horror I had never observed before. One of the black cats sat there raised in the backyard; strangely, had this one deepblue eyes, as if made from lapis lazuli; unearthly lustred. I knew he aimed on Cthyllha, for his eyes didn't deviate from her. Rapidly, I raced far from the creature, hoping that he wouldn't pursue us and to my grand relief he didn't. Almost at the gate; it was such a shock that by accident I dropped Cthyllha on the ground. She attacked the monstrous dog which served as a blockade prominenting the iron gateway; resembling more  of an cerberus, though jawed singly. The brute mauled her with its claws and awfull teeth; till I knew to interfere with the macabre, in a moment of intuition I placed her around my neck, violentlly bleeding and ascended over the gate.

I rushed as long as I can remember till I was convinced that they wouldn't chase us anymore, but scarcely after hours of walking I reached the nearest city. I was able to secure Cthyllha of what I think were demons. I have informed the local police and they have investigated the place of felony but couldn't find anything; they declare me mad.

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