Of The Stars

"As I sat there, clothed in the brightest yellow dress I could find, I thought of her. Celeste'd always say it was about persepctive. That's what she said whenever something bad would happen, whether it was the bruise that occasionally bloomed across her cheek or stubbing her toe on the easel that loomed too close to the doorway. But my perspective wouldn't change. It stayed focused on her. On her smile, her laugh, her voice... I quickly closed my eyes, ripping myself from my thoughts. I didn't want them to see me cry."


1. ***

Lethia, (noun) a girl's name based in old greek litterally meaning sweet oblivion. Other forms include Letha. 

Celeste, (noun)  a girl's name of latin origin meaning to come from the stars. Later, French adaptations of the name translate to heavenly and unworldy. Variations include Cela and Celestina. 




(Warning) Certain potions of this movella are closely intertwined with mental illness, though not in a crude or unbecoming manner. This movella is not meant to discredit or define mental illness, but rather bring it to light in a way that none of us often expect. If you have delt with mental illness or any variation such as self-harm or suicidal thoughts/actions, chapters which may be triggering with have a TW in the top corner.  Know that you have all of my support, and I am always here to talk. Just send me an email. 



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