Musical Academy School

A girl name is Emma Rich who moved from America to England... A boy name is Harry Styles who moved a lot of England and stayed in this school. This is where they met in this musical and education school, which is talent and education area, called is Ave Academy High School.

(Check it out in Chapter 1...)


1. Musical Academy School - What is it about?

Violin, Piano, Trumpet, Cello, Flute and any instruments include Singing, and you can fit in the talent school as it called Ave Academy School in Kent, outside of London in England.

This school should've only talent people. 

They are ordinary people who are not there for music but education. 

One girl from the average area, who has a secret gift from the violin, the name is Emma Rich. 

Every night she goes to her room, get violin case with her and go up to the rooftop as no one goes there. 

She also has a secret that she can see a fairy.

Her life with a Violin gift is going to mess up when one boy who is a talented student, Harry Styles found out that Emma is the one who played with her violin and he's the one who makes her enter the competition.

She also told by this fairy; there is a secret in this Academy..!

What is it? 

Or should I say WHO is it?


She never learns how to love the guys in her past time, and there are so many guys, except for one, chases Emma over their feeling toward her. 

One of them is Harry Styles. 

He never learns how to love girls either as such as Emma Rich. 

They learn how to love each other and as friends with benefits, they sometimes rude to each other but mostly friendly!

How could she manage her life between with her education, romance, and violin life has started?



Hey, Guys!

It's a new story that I got an idea as such as there is someone who inspires me with her story.

But I'm not going to copy her story...

It's my book.

Besides, welcome to my book! :)

Thank you!



P.s: R5, The Wanted, Justin Bieber, One Direction and 5 Second Of Summer are not famous in this book.

They are just regular people but with their instruments.

Yes, you can tell they're famous.

Thank you.

- Meli.

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