Musical Academy School

A girl name is Emma Rich who moved from America to England... A boy name is Harry Styles who moved a lot of England and stayed in this school. This is where they met in this musical and education school, which is talent and education area, called is Ave Academy High School.

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5. Musical Academy School - Chapter 4: Aunt?

As I walk down the long hallway with a famous guy in the school, THE Harry Styles and I got death glare from Talent and Education girls.

I sigh sadly. 

I can tell that he's so handsome and good looking as well.

But he's just human as I treat him and...

I pause my thought by nothing come out of my mind. 


That's what I say about him.

"So..." I break the silence moment down.

He looks away from the floor to see me with a severe look on his face, and I look into his cold green eyes.

"Look," He pauses to grab my arm from walking away.

"We were looking forward to working with you but... It got me to figure-" He cut out by reception lady.

Before he says something, reception lady walks toward us and jump into our conversation.

It was a beautiful lady with brownish or reddish hair and many brown eyes.

"Oh, Harry! I need your help!" She asks for an excuse "help".

He looks away from my face to see the reception lady, and I look at her tags name. 

ARIANA LEDAS. (Play as Ariana Grande)

I can see her facial expression when she sees me.

It was jealously expression on her face.

I sigh sadly.

Honestly, we don't have relationships just like lovers but he never ask for friendship, and I'm so not interested in being in love.

"Do this yourself! Don't you see that I'm busy with this stuff?" He scoffs and explains when I was about to say something after he says "stuff" with using his finger to point at me.

"I don't know if you were trying to let her request down. But we were not in relationships and not in friendships as well. We were in strangers mode."

He looks at me when I say "strangers mode", and I ignore him as he tried to talk back.

When I look at Ariana, all her jealousy face expression disappeared from turns into hopefully face appearance and smile nicely at me.

"How can I help you?" She asks with her soft tone.

Only I know where we are going.

I sigh out.

Then Harry steps forward when I say something and I were confused because he can read my mind.

"We're going to the headmistress's office for her. Her name is Emma Rich."

Ariana's smiling has disappeared, turn into the shocked face as she sees me and she was speechless.

I don't know what to say because I can feel this situation is going to be awkward when it's got to be only her and me...

"You know I'm gotta to checking her out and see if she's here, then I'll be coming back." She escapes the silence from this situation.

The silence comes along between us.

"So..." Harry breaks silence moment down.

He was about to say something, but someone calls his name, and he sighs out of annoying.

"Harry? Is it you?"

That was a little girl's high voice, but this isn't a little girl when I turn around to see a blonde long fluffy haired with her green eyes on her big thick glasses as she's 5'5 height and her skin's white as pale.

Do they know each other?

She looks so beautiful.

And she's in Talent department area!

I sigh sadly.

I see their relationship is so close.


Why am I so worried about that?

I don't care if he-

"What do you want?" Harry asks harshly.


He didn't know how to deal with a girl so nicely and be a gentleman like other boys that I met.


I watch too much on the TV.

"Nothing! I'm here to looking for you! Gemma asks you. I haven't seen you in the house since the last Christmas that I see you." She says.


This girl knows Gemma? 

I was confused until she looks at me and she looks confused as well when she looks back at Harry.

Harry looks at me and pokes at my forehead as my heart goes pound at once.

"Don't be wrong!" He says a little harshly and a little worried.

I place my hand on my forehead, and my other hand is already in my heart.

What is this feeling?

I feel super stranger...

Happy, I wonder why?

I took a glance to lock into his orb green eyes and the girl, whom I don't know, hits on Harry's shoulder within using her fist.

"Ow! What's that for?" He whines.

"That's for making her sad face on her second day of being here. Don't forget! She's the new girl that everyone talks about-" She pauses.

She paused because she realised it was me that everyone was talking about me.

"Emma?" I nod when she asks for my name as she turns around to see me.

I want to say that was me but nothing comes out of my mouth because I was shocked when Harry says this to me.

"My little sister, Chrissy."

Of course, their eyes matched their brother and sisters relationship thing, but I don't see their hairs colour and their instruments, to her, it's drumsticks, and to Harry, it's violin.

I guess...

They're the brother and sister after all.

"It's nice to meet you, Chrissy." I greet nicely.

I shot out of my hand toward where she stands there but Chrissy didn't take my shot, and she gives me a tight hug.

"That was for Gemma!" Chrissy says while she embraces me.


I wasn't expecting the hug, but I hug her back, and the awkward situation starts now...

Until the "Headmistress's" door was opened by the blonde hairs with brown eyes and the troubled look on his face as I pull away from the hug moment.

With the drop of blood on his lip, he looks cute and messy red suits as he's in the standard area.

Who's this man?

His brown eyes met my light brown eyes, and he looks down, and up at my body.

"Looking for trouble, Bieber?" Harry half questioned as he walks forward to shield on me.

Did Harry protect me?

I was confused.

He doesn't need to protect me...


Where did I hear this name?

Then 'Bieber' boy walked a step toward Harry and me walked backwards at the same time as I was confused to look into his brown eyes.

"Justin! Please go!" That was Ariana begs.

"Justin" did it as he's on the way and pushes Harry's left shoulder by his shoulder.

I sigh in relief and turn around to see his back.

I don't think that I've known him somewhere before...

"Who is he?" I ask.

"That's a Troubled man who's looking for trouble with, Justin Bullying Bieber. Now..." Chrissy pauses.

I ignore Harry and Chrissy talks as I still look at 'Justin' back.

That's name didn't ring a bell...

"Emma..." That was Ariana calls my name as I turn around to see her.

"She'll be right with you in a moment." She says.

I sigh sadly.

I wonder what does 'she' doing in there?

With that, I sit down on the empty chair and look down on the floor as I was confused.

Then, Harry's nowhere to be here when I look up at Chrissy while she walks toward where I sit here, and she sits next to me as she looks at me and put her hand on my fist.

"Don't worry! It'll be fun-" She pauses by another man comes out of the 'Headmistress' office.

We look up at the man with his messy blonde hairs and, his light blue eyes and he have a, not rumpled, white suit as he's a talented student.

Chrissy looks down on the floor while he looks at us with his evil look on his handsome face and he walks to where I sit here while he examines me.

I was shocked when he looks at me.

He looks so cute with his lip piercing and drop of the blood on his lip! 

"Are you Emma Rich?" He calls out of my name when he looks at the wrong person, Chrissy.

"Yes!" I say aloud while Chrissy shouts 'No!' at the same time as I stand up quickly.


He's SO tall!

"Oh... My apologies! I'm Luca Hemmings, but everyone calls me Luke." He says with his strong accents.

I wonder where he comes from?

Because he isn't from England!

Everything went silence between all of us and I was staring at his light blue eyes.

"Emma Rich!" A familiar voice comes from the 'Headmistress' office.

Why is it so familiar?

I give him a small smile and walk toward the door of the 'Headmistress' as I breathe in.

When I open the door, I breathe out and saw her long curly brown hairs on her back as she wears a smart casual dress.

Why does she look so familiar?

Only I knew her face...

"Welcome, my niece, to this school!" She welcomes me. 

Did she call me 'Niece', doesn't she?

With that, she just turns around to see me with her smile face, and I was shocked.

She has blue eyes and her beautiful white skin.

"Aunt Tina!" I shout.

What did my aunt (Played as Anna Kendrick) doing in this school?!



A/N: Surprise?!

The Headmistress, who turns out to be Emma's aunt, Tina Rich, was in her life right now and she is Emma's dad's sister. 


She met Justin Bieber and Luke Hemmings.


I welcome Shawn Mendes to this story!

Scream if you want to...

Merry Christmas!




P.S I forget to mention that...

The new character, Chrissy Styles, belong to Nerdy Cinderella.

Chrissy, I hope you like this chapter!

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