Musical Academy School

A girl name is Emma Rich who moved from America to England... A boy name is Harry Styles who moved a lot of England and stayed in this school. This is where they met in this musical and education school, which is talent and education area, called is Ave Academy High School.

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4. Musical Academy School - Chapter 3: New Violin?

Then the unexpected thing is in the front of me that is..!

I was shocked.

"Hmm... If I could help her with this violin, then it would make her happy." The little wings appeared of nowhere but are in the front of my face.

I was wrong about this little wing. 

That was a beautiful white fairy. 

Is that a fairy? 

I was speechless when I saw this fairy. 


I wasn't sure if I could scream and if I scream, I will wake everyone up, and it's all my fault.

"Um..." I still was speechless as the fairy always focuses on the broken violin.


Of course, I won't scream, but I was about to yell as I cover my hand on my mouth.

"Hmm..." A fairy makes humming as she still focuses on the broken violin and the wand of the light as she lifts her wand up in the air.

Is it the way that she casts her magic on the broken violin, isn't it? 


I was about to ask her and poke her little shoulder, but the wand is already on the new violin with e-gold threat. 


The broken violin is now new violin.

"Thank you!" I look up at the fairy who say "There" with my happy tone.

She turns around with her shocked face, and she can see me that I look at her!

"What?" I ask idiotcy.

"You can see me?" She asks in half question and half comment.

I know that feeling...

She looks shocked at her confused face and looking at my body with her wings. 

I look around to lock my eyes on the fairy, and I sigh sadly when I saw her disappointed face.

"You must be education department area, aren't you?" The fairy asks.

I was shocked at first, and then I was confused because she must be known me... 

I was about to ask her that how does she know but she cut me out and surprised me. 

You want to know what she says, am I right?

"You must be a new girl, Emma Rich, aren't you?" A white fairy asks curiously.

I was still speechless and shocked as well.

"How- You- My name-" I shutter my word.

"You know... Just wait and see it by tomorrow! There has a secret in this academy!" She says as she smirks.

With that, she left me with my confused face, and then I realise that I should ask for her name...

"Wait!" I almost shout as I put my hand in my mouth.


She's gone! 

I sigh annoyingly. 

With that, I looked down on the new violin slowly and smiled at it.

"Thank you, Miss Fairy," I whisper as I look up at the starry night sky with a beautiful full moon.

You know? 

There are more stars in England than America. 

I wonder... 

What if I never get along with everyone in my classes? 

I was hoping that I could have more free classes than a typical class. 

Because now I got a new- 

I stop my thought by a light lit up on next to me, and I look down on whatever is it next to me. 

It's music books by ten books, few sheets and red iPod player. 

It looks steadily. 

But who did it? 

It could be this fairy!

"Thanks again!" I whisper as I look up at the starry night.

I sigh sadly. 

I have no clue that... 

What does she talking about? 

The secret? 

What secret does she talking about? 

I walk back to the girl's centre dorm as I stand up on the bench and step to Tay and my room. 

I open the door as I see Tay still soundly slept and I tiptoe toward on my night deck as I put my new violin case on it gently, so I won't let Tay woke up.

"You know what?" That was Tay startled me.


She's awake! 

I twist around to see her awake as she turns her lamp on and rubbing her eyes.

"It's good to have you here without being alone!" She says nicely and sleepily.

I sigh happily. 

I was happy because it's my first time to hear these beautiful words than my mum. 

I went to the bed of mine and sat up as I see Tay looks down on the ground confusedly.

"What?" I ask curiously.

"Can I call you Em from now on?" She looks up at me with her confidence face and sleepily.

"Oh... Urm... The truth is I never get used to that nicknames in front of everyone's mouth. Because you were the first person calling me "Em"..." I say in shocked at first and then sigh in relief.

"I know what you mean, but..." She pauses for a while.

She gives me a friendly smile face, and I smile back.

"I'm sure we'll get along well and..." She pauses for a while.

I figure she wants to be the best roommate in the front of my eyes.

I sigh in relief.

"That's a good thing to be a best friend of your..." We say in unison and when she says "Best Friend", I stop at this sentence to say, roommate.

She smiles wildly and burst out laughing as I look at her confusedly.

"What's so funny?" I ask, still confusedly.

She was about to answers my question, but she stops as she looks at me in panicked and I look at her confusedly. 

What's going on? 

She shushes me as I was about to ask this though out aloud and went to pretend to fall asleep. 

As I thought she wants to get to know me, I heard footsteps of two figures people walk toward our dorm room.

"I swear... I heard a laughing sound and chatted around this time in this dorm." I heard this was a girl explains with Aussie accent.

I don't remember her name, but I do remember what is it meaning for...

It's wolf name.

Kiana, isn't it?

I look at the front door of our dorm room in panicked, and when they open the door, I went back to laying down on my bed quickly, and quiet, and pretend to fall asleep. 

As I heard one of them walked to the centre of our room and...

"Well... I don't think they could be talked or laughing. All I can see is they are sleeping right now." A familiar voice that I ever heard before when I was little.

I wish I could see her face with my open eyes but I couldn't because if I open my eyes, then this woman would catch me and I'll be in big trouble.

"But... Headmistress-" She got cut out by this Headmistress.

"No, but!" She almost screams.


She will make everyone in girl's dorm as almost woke them up if she full shouted, but she didn't.

"I would go back to my bed if I were you. It would be dreaming. Do they talking right now or laughing?" The headmistress snaps at the bitch girl.

I want to say thank you to the headmistress for saving this area but I can't. 

Like I told you... 

If I woke up, then we could be in big trouble and... 

I don't want to be called Miss Goody Two Shoes, but I don't want to wake up either. 

Now, this bitchy girl stormed out of Tay's and mine dorm room. 

I accidentally sigh out of my lip, and I still pretended to sleep. 

Then I heard the footsteps walk toward me. 

Please, go away...

"So... Emma Rich?" That was the headmistress wait for any response from me.

I was sleeping.


"You know what? I would introduce myself to you by tomorrow... Good night, sweetheart." She gives me a good night kiss on my forehead.

With that, she walks away as she stands up from sitting on my bed for a kiss on my forehead and I heard she shuts the door gently as she could. 


A kiss? 

How did she know that's my name?




Next day...

I yawn when I walk through the outside of the girl dorm after I get changed and toward the cafe for breakfast... 

I don't get it! 

Why did we have to wake up so early? 

It's 6 a.m for god's sake! 

I sigh sadly. 

A fairy that I met last night said to me there was a secret in this Academy, but I don't see there have in this school. 

Which was really weird to me, everyone looks at me in celebrities mode and whispering to each other when I come in. 

All I heard is:

"Oh! That girl."

"Emma Rich. Oh, she must be so beautiful, and she's so shiny!"

"OMG! I'm jealous!"

"Look at her! I mean, who do you think who is she? She must be popular!"

I never thought about this way! 

Being beautiful or famous is the way you could think of me..! 

But still, I'm the new girl at Ave Academy School. 

I was confused at first but shocked at the same time when they talk about me and with that, I walked toward the lineup between getting some breakfast food.

"Don't worry about them!" That was Alison pauses.

"They did it to the new people when they come here." Taylor finishes Alison's sentence.

I was about to say something, but some guy comes up to me, well, behind me after I get a breakfast food and I turn around to see this guy with his blonde hairs and brown eyes when he says something. 

I can tell he must be in Talent Area because he brought his guitar case. 

And he looks familiar!

"Hey, new girl! I'm Ross Lynch." A boy introduces himself to me.

"And yes! You can tell that the guy who was at the gate..." I was cut out by Ross, but after he says these weird words, I was so confused.

Have we met before?

"Riker? The guy who asks you why you brought your violin cases in this Academy?" He tried to make me remember this guy, Riker.

"Oh, yeah! You must be his younger sibling, are you?" I ask.

He looks at me with his wired and confused look on his face.

"My two brothers and I are in here. So, you could tell that I look young but actually, I'm on fourth youngers." He cuts out by Maya.

"Okay! Then should we go now and take a seat?"

She finally speaks out loud because she was quiet! 

Talking wasn't her thing, I guess?

"Good morning, you quiet girl!" Ross calls out her nickname.

She looks pissed out by this nickname that he gives Maya and turn around to see him when we stop to walk by following what Maya or all of us is doing.

It's our rule!


Tay told me..!

"Excuse me? Just because of you like girls but you're a player!" She snaps.

I sigh sadly. 

I guess she hates him but secretly like him. 


I can see her face. 

With that, she turns around to see us and walk to find seats for us.

"So... You like this Ross guy, don't you?" I ask Maya as she turns her left head to see me when I say "so".

"Ew... Nope!" She shakes her head in disgust.

I was about to say something, but someone told my name when I was about to sit down on the seat, and I turn around to meet these green eyes.

"Emma Rich! Come and meet me on the outside of here!"


I stand up and shot apologise for a look on my face at them.

"Go on! Good luck!" Tay says hype.

"We were waiting for you to come here!" Emily says.

I nod after Maya shook me off as she was trying to say "go on" and walk away toward the outside of the cafe after I open the door gently so I won't break it. 

He stands next to the outside of cafe as I was looking around for him and I sigh in relief when I walk toward him.

"Yes. You call?" I ask a half question.

"Come with me. I'll take you to Headmistress office." Harry orders as he uncrossed his arm when he was ready to walk.

Why did I do that as he orders? 

Just question, why?!

"Why-" I cut out by Harry.

"Just do it as I say."

I was surprised by Harry raises his voice and...

What should I do? 

Follow him? 


There is no or! 

I sigh sadly. 

With that, I look up at him as he walks ahead of me and I walk toward him as he stops in the middle of the hallway, and put his head to turn on his shoulder. 

As we were ready to walk at the same times and we were bumping into each other.

"Sorry! You go first!" I give him a small smile.

Because I have no idea where we are going!

As he listens to me, Harry walks away first, and I follow him like a puppy. 

I wonder what's this supposed to be mean by sweetheart? 

Or kiss on my forehead? 

I wonder who she is to me?



A/N: You were wondering, who's she?


I'm not telling you who is she...

Anyway, what do you think of this book so far?

I was surprised at the view.

I was popular enough to notice in this book.

Emma met Ross Lynch, and Riker Lynch as I forget to mention him, so...

Not yet!

I'll tell you when this ship things start...

Au revors!


P.S: This character, Kiana, belongs to @wolfcat$!

I didn't mean to make her bitchy, but she's lovely.


You'll see her later!

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