Musical Academy School

A girl name is Emma Rich who moved from America to England... A boy name is Harry Styles who moved a lot of England and stayed in this school. This is where they met in this musical and education school, which is talent and education area, called is Ave Academy High School.

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3. Musical Academy School - Chapter 2: New Roommate and New Friends?

That was massive, more prominent and enormous building in the front of me as I stand here with my broken violin case and lots of suitcases on my both hands.

"Need my help?" America accent spread a chill on my back.

I look up at a girl who wore the red dress and has a beautiful long curly dark-middle brown hair who stand in front of me.

Three girls come to that girl with her dark-middle brown hairs.

"Yeah, you can say it." I laugh nervously.

"Oh, you must be Emma Rich, are you?" A girl, who has a white dress and blonde hairs, asks with her perfect British accent.

I nod.


I notice them smirk at each other.

"Well! I'm your new roommate! I welcome you!" A same blonde girl smiles nicely.


Four girls come toward where my hand's free from lots of suitcases, and I thank them with a friendly smile.


She's in talent area, and I'm in the education area.

Is it a good thing to befriend with talent people?

I was confused.

They were about to include themselves, but someone interrupted them.

"Now... Are you going to be undercover 'Spy' person or a right person?" Another girl, with a photograph, who also wore a red dress asked curiously and gripped my broken violin case from my left hand.

"Hey! Give it back to me!" I yell.

I tried to grip it back to me but she flew it out from the old handle, and it's far for me to walk.

"What? I was trying to get her reason." I hear it from the photographed girl says to three girls.

"She's new in here!" I heard it from a girl with another perfect British accent says.

I walk toward it, and I was about to get it back but someone steps on it.

"Hey!" I look up to meet a man's green eyes and his short brown hairs.

I get up to see him with his charming smile, and he picks my violin case up.

I look down on the ground, and I was sad because a man like him would laugh at me when he saw violin comes from education girl like me.

And he's in talent area with his violin.

But he didn't laugh.

"Here!" He says with his thick British accent after he cleans the dust off my violin case from his hand and he gives me this violin case.

I take it as I was shocked and I look up at his face.

"Thanks!" I say happily.

"By the way, why did an education girl like you have a violin?" He asks.

Why he asked for it.


It seems like he wants my answers.

"Well..." I chuckle nervously.

I sigh sadly.

I explain to him that way I did describe to this Riker guy or something.

I don't have to repeat it to you.

Then everything went silence between us.

"Emma! It's time to go!" I turn around to see the blonde waves at me.

"Oh. A new girl, Emma Rich, are you?" He asks curiously.


How did he know that's my name?

I was about to ask him that question when I turn back to see his smiley face, but he interrupts me.

"To save your reaction, I just heard that name from everyone in rumours." He says.

Why did everyone hear about me?

What is it the right thing about me?

A lot of question popped out in my mind.

I sigh sadly.

"Oh! Where are my manners?" He mumbles.

"I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He clears his throat.


Where did I hear it from?

"Emma!" A photograph girl calls my name.

"Right, I should be going now! Thanks!" I say while I give him the best smile as I can.

I walk toward four of girls who's sudden befriend with me.

"What were you thinking? I can't believe you were talking to Harry Styles. OMG! He's most top number one in the talent area, Harry Styles. And he's SO popular person with every girl!" The blonde girl explains so flirtily when we walk together toward the girl's dorm.


Now I can see it.

He's a good-looking and very handsome guy.

"Hey, Tay! You were in the same class as he is. How is he?" The girl with her dark-middle hairs says.


I never get their names in the beginning.

"True! Seriously? How is he?" The photograph girl asks.

I sigh sadly.

"Hey, let us introduce ourselves to the new girl!" The girl who wore a white dress and has dark black long hair says with her perfect British accent.

They turn around to see me and notice me as I feel redder on my face.

"Oh... Right, thank you." The blonde girl says and thanks to the girl with her black hair.

"My name is Taylor. But calls me Tay!" The blonde girl introduces herself to me.

"Hey. I'm Emily." The girl with her dark-middle brown hairs introduces hese//lf.

"Maya." The girl with her dark black hairs introduces herself.

"Hi, I'm Alison." The photograph girl introduces herself.

Now I know their names.


Where did I hear this surname?


Late in the night,

I went to bed, but I couldn't sleep, and Taylor went soundly sleeping when I turn to see her.

She sounds so excited when she meets me.

I just went to the dorm on my first day of the academy, but I never go to the classes of lessons.

It was 3 pm that I arrived at the academy.

I was wondering if I played it in the competition and...

Yeah, I thought what you think. 

Is it the wrong thing if I enter?

Better not to enter..!

I sigh sadly.

No matter if I brought my broken violin, I just want to play with it and...

Then I feel the tears makes my eyes blur when I stared at my violin.

I got up and walked toward where my violin case set up on the night desk.

There's no point for me to get some sleep.

I sigh sadly.

Taylor told me that if I couldn't sleep, then go to the rooftop.

I, of course, went to rooftop with my broken violin case but then something stops me to hears the violin playing by Ave Maria on the roof.

I tiptoe toward the door and open the door a little to see who is it played the violin.

I was shocked a little because it was Harry Styles and because his violin skill is fantastic, but his facial expression is now so cold.

I never saw it before...

Why did I have seen it before?


I think I could see the little wings come toward Harry and I can hear it talks in a high voice.

"Hey!" The little wings say.

I guess I could be back toward the dorm-

Then a voice comes from standing behind me and startles me.

"Spy on the most popular person in the school?" I turn to meet a man's chocolate brown eyes when I was shocked.

How long does he stand there behind me while I just saw the little wing?

I cut out by the violin stretch when I was about to say something, and then to heard the violin played a while ago is now stop, and he opens the door as he ignores me.

"Harry! Look, I'm sorry to eavesdrop-" He interrupts me to look at me angrily.

"I don't know if you don't remember me but my sister..." He pauses when he stops to walk and turn around to see me softly.

He looks down on the ground.



Miss Styles?

I was confused until I realised his sister is...

Gemma Styles?!

"She does remember you when you were the kid and teaching you how to play the violin, but not me. Her violin skill is so amazing that when I went to her concert and..." He pauses.

He sighs sadly.

"Now she's ill." He continues.

Now I see, that's why his face expression is so cold.

"Even now, I should be going back now... And good night, love." He makes me feel blush.

With that, he just walks away from me without saying goodnight back, and a man with brown eyes stand next to me.

"You must be a new student, Emma Rich, right?" He gives me a friendly smile.

I nod with my shocked face, and I turn around to see him.

"I don't mean to be rude. The name is Li-" He says friendly to introduce himself until someone interrupts him.

"Liam! We're going to be in big trouble if you stay here." That was Harry whispers.

"Okay, I'm coming!" Liam whispers back as he can't keep his eyes off of my face.


I blush enough to turn away from his face, and he walks away after I look back to see his back.

"I'm your friend after all..." He stopped to walked and then turn around to give me a wicked smile.

Silence moment comes along in our situation.

"... Emma Rich." He breaks our silence moments.

I was shocked, and he walks away.

He's so handsome and so lovely!

No wondering, he should've been popular with girls.

I sigh dreamily.

Wait, what the hell am I doing here?


I'm here because this rooftop is for girl's dorm.

I sigh sadly.

I don't want to go back to the dorm because I can't sleep.

I walk outside of top stairs, and now I can see the view of Kent.

You can see the houses and lights are far away from where I stand here.

I sigh depressedly.

I miss my dad and baby brother, Owen...

The wind is blowing my pyjamas dress and my long red hairs so gentle.

How beautiful is it?

I sit down on the bench, and I open my violin case.

Then the unexpected thing is in the front of me that is..!






Hey, Guys!

Contest time!

If you want to join this book, then I don't mind...


*Boys that you want to date:



Any talent Instrument if you're going to be in Talent Department area:



*Well... Any boys that you want to date is only The Wanted or One Direction or 5SOS or Justin Bieber or R5. Emma Rich is just one they, except for one, all want to date her but then she turns them down... Your chance is the only one way to be dating with one of them.


I think that's it! 


Be patient because I write this book but I don't want to be rushing it out!

Thank you!


Oh... She meets Harry Styles and Liam Payne.

Not yet! :)

Take care!


P.S: I forget the cast of girls!

Emily Lighting as Lucy Hale.

Maya Hale as Demi Lovato.

Taylor (Tay) Wood as Cara Delevinge.

Alison Reed as Selena Gomez.

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