Musical Academy School

A girl name is Emma Rich who moved from America to England... A boy name is Harry Styles who moved a lot of England and stayed in this school. This is where they met in this musical and education school, which is talent and education area, called is Ave Academy High School.

(Check it out in Chapter 1...)


2. Musical Academy School - Chapter 1: Academy?

I woke up on the comfortable bed in my house, and I sit up. 

Then I got up after I stretched and I walk to the closet acting like the zombie.

"Good morning, honey!" That was my mum's sweet and fake voice.

She's the one who sent me to Ave Academy School and to live in a dorm. 

I'm 16 years old. 

I didn't bother with her caring and kindness. 

I used to it. 


Why did I go to college in America? 

Are we in America? 

Those are right questions, right? 

I get it... 

I sigh sadly. 

Yes, I did go to this stupid academy because I still need to study on my grades and need to change my personality. 

No, we aren't in America, and you can guess it's in London.


We are in London.

For sleeping in the hostel. 


We are in the best hostel.

"Morning," I say in moody when I give her attention with my fake smile look.

You can guess I hate my mum and that's right, I hate her.

"Excited about Academy? I know you can change... And your violin." I interrupt her.

"Okay, Mom! Um... I need to change my..." I pause as I open my closet door.

"Ugh...Uniform!" I complain.

Mum rolls her eyes and walks away from standing at the door.

I'm so not getting used to it, and yes, I hate this stupid uniform. 

What is so good thing about London or outside of London? I sigh drama.

"Okay... I need to get a shower." I talk to myself.

I went to the bathroom after I order myself. 

After that, I took 15 mins to take a shower and put this red dress with a white t-shirt on my cold naked body. 

Of course, I put my underwear and, a bra with long black socks on my legs and heels. 

Why did I have to wear black heels? 


I hate heels, and it makes me feel like mature.

"I'm ready for it." I look in the mirror for the last time.

It means I'm an average person in the education area. 

Most of them are in a white dress or suit, and it means they are in talent area.

"I wish I could get back to live with my father and my younger brothers in America." I look down at the floor with my sad look.

That's right; my parents divorced right after my baby brother born.

With that, mum shouts at me to say come down, and I yell back, of course. 

After a while, it's becoming silence, and then I look in the mirror for the last times. 

I look at my violin case in my mirror as it comes from behind my back and it's on a desk. 

It wasn't mine, but it was my dad's old violin case until it's mine now. 

I turn around to see it and walk toward it as I arrived, already stand here. 

I open the case as I wasn't ready to see it, so I close my eyes and open my eyes when I open the case more widely. 

It's broken violin with the broken string. 

I could feel like it's my first heartbreaking but... 

It was my Dad's violin when he was young. 

Of course, I played with it. 

But I stopped when I was 12, and before that age, I started to play with it when I was 3. 

I sigh sadly. 

I'm 16 now, but I have never been to play with that violin.

"Last chance or you drive without saying goodbye!" Mum shouts from downstairs.

I sigh when I roll my eyes.

"I'm coming! For god sake!" I shout back as I close the case.

I took it and walked downstairs, then head to the front door. 

I walk outside of the front door and head to get in the car. 

So yeah, I can drive.

"Good luck, Emily!" Mum calls my wrong name.


"Bye, Mom! I have to go!" I say so gently.

It's Emma. 

See what I mean? 

But I gave up and drove away.


*Skip on driving.*


That's annoying thing ever than being alone which is a good thing for me to go anywhere.


I dreamed about to travel around the world. 

I gave up because I keep breaking the deal with my mum that I promised to study harder but I didn't.

"Welcome to Kent..." I talk to myself so happy when I read the signs.

It's quite far from where mum lives in the hostel. 

Until then, I arrive at the gate where the guard, who wore a smart suit with mixture colours which are white and red altogether, stand in the front of the entrance and walk toward my car to check to make sure I'm a student of education area.

"Are you in the education department area?" The guard pauses to look beside me in the car.

"Yes, I am one of them!" I say.

He looks back at me and gives me a suspicious smile.

"Or are you into music department area?" He continues.

I look away from his face to see my violin case, and I give him a nervous smile as I look back at him.

"I can explain! It's a long story!" I blab.

He interrupted me when I was about to say something.

"It's okay! I saw some people bring their instruments for their reasons."


I get it! 

He wants to get some reason from me. 

I thought I was the only one. 

Until then, I realise it would be silence between us for a long time, and I was staring at him as well.

"Oh! I bought it because it was my dad's old violin." I embarrassingly explain my reason.

"Let me guess. Your parents divorced?" He smirked.

I was shocked, and I look in his brown eye sadly.

"Yeah," I say sadly.

"I let you go in for this time. Let me tell you, if you were looking for the advice, go to looking for my younger siblings or come to me." He pauses.

"Riker, time for the switch time!" That was a woman, who has beautiful blonde straight hair and brown eyes, say.


What a beautiful women! 

I sigh in relief.

"Huh! No need to flirt with this young girl!" She notices me and punches 'Riker' guy shoulder.



I was confused at first, and then I realise...

"That wasn't flirt..."

"Hey, what's your problem, sister?!" Riker interrupts me.


Are they brother and sister?


I turn to take attention to a different guy with his hazel eyes, and light brown hairs stand to next to them, and now he stands in the front of my car.

"Don't worry, and they are sister and brother. They fight a lot. Now..." He pauses.

He opens the locker of the gate, and it's now unlocked.

"Welcome to Ave Academy School." He welcomes me.

"Thank you!" I thank them.

I drove away to enter the gate. 

The life of Ave Academy School is just about to start!





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