moments|niall horan

if we could only have this life for one more day ~ Niall Horan ~ short story ~ based on the song Moments by One Direction ~ THERE IS ONLY ONE CHAPTER TO THE STORY


1. moments


A rock scraped against the window of Rose's bedroom. She sat up from her bed and moved her curtains a little bit. She looked down to see her boyfriend Niall sitting on the ground strumming a guitar. She opened her window "Niall" she said softly and jump out of the window. She walked over to Niall and sat in front of him.

He looked up, "Rose, I thought you would never hear my little rock hit your window," he said surprised.

"Well, I did," she smirked. The couple stood up and Rose led Niall to a little clearing in the woods. They both laid down and began to watch the stars that were peeking beyond the trees. "Niall," Rose sighed breaking the silence between Niall and her. It wasn't awkward silence, she just wanted to make something out of this trip.

"Rose, when you told me you loved me, you wrote it down and handed it to me. Why, you could've come to me and told me, but you didn't, you wrote it down," he rambled on. By his tone he sounded confused yet angry at the same time.

"Well, I wanted to write it down because someday I'll be gone, and when I go you have a way to have my emotions and to relive that moment. The little tear stains that smudge the paper show that I love you, everything does. That paper shows that I love you, everything does. Someday of nobody else shows you the importance of love that paper will, if I'm no longer there to tell you that I love you that paper will, because trust me Niall I have plans. Plans that will break your heart and make you cry until you can't take it anymore, because I can't take it anymore. Niall, I can't take it anymore. I can't take breathing or living, or any of this." She rambled on. The couple talked and talked until their eyes became heavy and they were close to falling asleep.

They intertwined their fingers and began a walk back to Rose's window. She returned to her bed and Niall returned to his car. The next morning Niall heard that Rose went, that pills claimed her life, she was found on the bathroom floor. That same night Niall returned to the clearing with the note in his hand.


    Dear Niall,

        I Love you, I don't know how else to say this so I wrote it down. Whenever you touch me, little butterflies form in my stomach. When our fingers lace or your arms wrap around me, I feel safe. No one has been able to make me feel that way. Love is a special word, it should not just be thrown around or abused. Isn't it strange how such a powerful word, can be abused to where someone could say it, but never mean it at all. Niall, in no way am I abusing this word when I say that I love you. I mean it. Niall, I love you. It is true that my emotions can not be handled while writing this, as you will see by the many teardrops. I guess that's what love is, all of your emotions being mixed up at once. Unlike colors, when mixed together make a dark color, feelings make something beautiful. I can tell you everything, and I can ry on your shoulder. Thank you Niall for showing me what love is, I hope I showed you.

    Love, Rose

    Niall read the note to the stars, his eyes passing over the teardrops, and his own falling with the previous. He read anyways, hoping that Rose would hear.

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