Give Me Your Heart And Hand

Pierce The Veil fanfiction c:


1. Day One

     I put on my Beatles t-shirt, ripped skinny jeans, and faded gray converse. I tied my deceivingly thick hair into a pony tail and looked in the mirror. I decided to put on makeup. I put on the lightest shade of foundation I could find to match my pale skin, eyeliner, mascara, and dark red lipstick. Today was my first day at a new school. I'd wanted to stay at Greenwood high with my only friend, Jack, but that wasn't a decision that I got to make. My aunt said that since I was living with her now, she wanted me to be able to have a true new start. I disagreed, but Aunt Rachel didn't listen to me.

     When I went down to the kitchen Aunt Rachel sat at the old oak wood table with her newspaper and toast. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat next to her.

     "Good morning." She chirped casually.

     I didn't reply, because if I'm being honest, there was no need to.

     "Are you still upset?" she asked after heaving a dramatic sigh.

     "No, whatever would give you that idea?" the sarcasm leaked through, and I didn't try to stop it. I was, to put it bluntly, pissed. I should have a say in this, but I didn't get one.

​     "Look, Sara, I'm sorry. It's too late to do anything about it. Please, just give me a break. I'm handling this as best as I can, trust me, this is just as hard for me as it is for you."

​     I said nothing. I just clenched my fists as I stood up, grabbed my worn out book bag and headed out the door. I started my VW beetle and started driving the unfamiliar streets of San Diego.

​     That woman had some nerve to say that this was as hard for her as it is for me. She shouldn't get to say that. I get the fact that I didn't just lose a father, that she lost a brother too. But she didn't get it. The reason I was sent to live with her was because my 'mother' was horrid to me. Neglectful and abusive. The only people I had there for me were my dad and Jack. After the accident I pushed Jack away. I was scared and confused. I worried that I'd end up hurting him. It seemed to be the best option.

​     I pulled into a parking spot that had a sign saying that it was a Student Only parking spot. I gripped the battered steering wheel till my knuckles went pale white. I let out a shaky breath and opened my car door. I grabbed my bag and went locked my car. As I walked into the school I earned a lot of glances and whispers. I had hoped that I'd blend in and that no one would realize that I was new. Looks like those hopes and prayers hadn't been heard by God.

​     I wandered around for a few seconds before a girl tapped my shoulder.

​     "Excuse me, but you look confused. Anything I can help you with?"

​     "Uh, is my first day...could you show me to the front office?"

     "Of course. My name is Miranda Gruber."

     "I'm Sara Kane."


​     We got to the office and Miranda told the receptionist that I was a new student. Then she told me that she should be getting to class. I thanked her and we said goodbye.

​     "Can I get your last name, dear?" The woman who looked to be in her fourties asked.

​     "Kane, with a K."

​     She looked through files for a few seconds before asking, "Are you Sara?"

     "Yes, ma'am."

​     She handed me my schedule and then said, "There should be a young man named Vic coming down to help you around today. We've set it up so you two have the same classes at the same times just to make things easier. I hope you have a good day, and if there are any problems, just go down to the counselling office."

​     "Thank you." I sat down in one of the stiff chairs and waited. About three minutes later a short boy with tan skin came into the office.

​     "Are you Sara?" He asked with a smile. I nodded. "I'm Victor, but everyone calls me Vic. Ready to go to first block?"

​     "As ready as I can be." I said quietly. I stood up and followed him out of the confined room.

​     "So, why'd you transfer schools?"

​     "I had to move in with my aunt."

​     "Do you mind if I ask why?"

​     "My dad...died. And my mom isn't able to take care of me." I said, my voice hardly above a whisper.

​     "Oh my God, Sara, I'm sorry." he put a trembling hand on my shoulder.

​     "It''s going to be okay one day." I tried to sound confident.

​     "Our first class is Twentieth Century History." he changed the subject and approached a door.

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