"Golden" Nights


1. The beginning

It has been 5 years since Aidan has seen Mew. No one knows where she went or cares, she was seen as a fire hazard which needed to be controlled.

Mew was now living in a small pizzeria full of animatronics and a puppet like figure. The odd few humans were around here and there, the boss being in his office, but no one could see what was happening... Mew was forever being put into present boxes or being tied up in string and being used as a children's toy.


Today Mew was having strings attached to her wings when Aidan walks by and hears a small Yelp. He was confused and sneaked over to the room it was coming from and slowly peered around the doorway.

"Hey kid! You don't want to go down there!" A guard says as he stops Aidan from going any further into the room. "Get back to your food", he continued, "This place is where Goldie is being repaired."

"I have paid to be here so I do as I please. Besides, I believe you will have a friend of mine being held here beyond her will." Aidan said in response. 


"Kid you can't go past." He explained. "I don't know what you mean by your friend but I need to keep you safe" He says as he starts to get agitated.

"That animal I can hear. Believe it or not, I've known her all my life. Now I demand you release her!" Aidan said, firing back.

"Animal? I don't hear anything.." The guard claimed.

"Ah. Must be the old age." Aidan said cheekily "Now let her go!"

"The only one down here is Golden Freddy. I can't let you down here.." the guard said.

"Prove it" challenged Aidan.

"Fine!" The guard said slightly raising his voice as he opens the door to the room "just him. Now go" he demanded.

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