Wizards At War

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  • Published: 25 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 25 Sep 2016
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A family meal takes a dark turn when Lupin brings bad news. What happens when the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is lead by an old enemy of Hogwarts?

Entry for the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child competition, story set in an alternate present.


1. Wizards At War

The doorbell rings.

“You’d think after all these years he would just walk in wouldn’t you?” Ginny shouts from the kitchen.

“Walking is for muggles love, we’re not muggles,” a playful smile appears across his face, “Apparition, now that’s the wizard way to travel!” He shouts from the corridor between the kitchen and living room causing Ginny to jump in shock.

“Uncle Sirius!”

“Boys!” Both James and Albus run up to him, he taps them both on their shoulders, “And if it isn’t my favourite little girl! Lily how you doing kid?”

“I missed you Uncle!” She hung on to his leg.

“I missed you too, I missed all of you. You guys are getting old enough for me to teach you some magical jokes to play on your parents,” he looks up to see Harry watching his kids, “Well for you to play on your dad really.”

A grin spreads across Harry’s face, “You know I could come up with better jokes than you could Sirius.”

The kids ‘ooo’ in the background as Ginny joins them all, “I know you could try, my boy.” They stare at each other then Sirius quickly walks over to Harry and wraps his arms around him. Harry does the same in return, their smiles are the biggest ones they’ve had since they last saw each other. “When’s the rest of our pack joining us?” He asks as he and Harry release each other.

“Any minute now, for once you’re early and everyone else is late.” Just as he says it in comes the Weasleys.

“Hello anyone home?!” Ron shouts from the front door, the sound of a light slap can be faintly heard by the Potters in the living room. “OW!”

“Honestly Ron, do you really think they would just leave their door open?”

“You never know with Harry, he could have run out in a rush and forgot!” Their voices got louder as they got closer to everyone else.

“You know I can hear you Ron!” Harry doesn’t need to shout as they turn into the living room to be greeted by smiling faces.

Ron gives Harry a small smile and they both let out a small laugh, “Hey guys, Sirius great to see you again,” he gets a smile and nod in return as Sirius kneels down to see Rose.

“Hermione?” Harry asks, slightly amused, “Is that a S.P.E.W badge Rose is wearing?”


“Didn’t we solve that whole issue after the war…” He trails off as he sees Ron violently shaking his head.

“Harry Potter. Do you honestly think all the good we did after the war to give them rights were actually listened to by every single wizard in the wizarding world?” Ron mouthed every single word along with his wife, making all the kids and Sirius laugh. “S.P.E.W is still important! And Ronald if you don’t stop mouthing every word I’m saying behind my back you will not get a single treat for a month.”

“What type of tr-“ James gets cut off by Ginny covering his mouth. Sirius, Harry and Ginny all laugh while Hermione and Ron blush and the other kids stand there completely clueless.

“Sorry we’re late!” Lupin, Tonks and Teddy all pile into the room too.


“SIRIUS!” They leap into each other’s arms and sway from side to side.

Albus taps Harry on the arm, when his dad looks to him he quietly whispers to him, “Are we sure they’re not actually together?” His father smiles at him, knowing Albus is testing to see his reaction.

“They’re not together, but if they were we’d be happy for them.” Albus nods. “Are Draco and Scorpius joining us tonight?” He smiles, Albus nods again. “Good, I look forward to seeing them.”

Lupin puts his arm around harry and says quietly to him, “I’m not here with all good news I’m afraid, can we talk?” Harrys mouth falls into a small frown, but he nods and they both leave the room and head to the spare room upstairs.

“Are you going to give me the ‘which do you want first the good news or the bad news’ option?” Harry says sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Lupin frowns, “Sadly there is no good news I’m afraid.”

“Remus, what’s going on?”

“I was about to ask that,” Sirius and Ron join the two in the room, both joining Harry on the bed.

“How did you know something was wrong?”

“How long have I known you? I can tell when something is up,” Ron and Sirius say in unison to Harry and Lupin who both smile slightly.

“Okay well we would have had to tell you at some point anyway.” All eyes are on Lupin who lets out a sigh, “it’s the North American school of magic,” he’s met with empty glares, “Ilvermorny,” they continue to stare at him blankly. “Hogwarts really needs a subject where they learn about other wizarding schools.” The men nod in response, earning another sigh from Lupin. “Ilvermorny is a magic school, set up by an Irish witch, but that’s not the important part. What is important is that some of the students, and their parents, are creating an army- “

“They need our help? Got a big bad wizard they need to beat? Wouldn’t be the first one we’ve taken down,” Ron smiles as Sirius hits him strongly on his back, it was a sign of him being proud, that and that he found the comment fairly amusing.

“They don’t need our help!” Lupin half shouts, slowly losing his patience, but knowing that they don’t know why he is stressed yet and he shouldn’t take it out on them. He runs his shaking hands through his hair.

“Lupin, if they don’t need to fight a dark wizard then why is the school creating an army?” Sirius asks, standing up and stepping closer to his longest surviving friend. Lupin stares at him, his hands pressed against his face, eyes wide, stress radiating from him, worse than it did before the Battle of Hogwarts, so much worse. “Remus, why are they creating an army?” Lupin stays quiet, shaking his head. “Remus, who are they going to attack?” Harry and Ron both get to their feet, standing just behind Sirius, then tension pushing down hard on everybody’s chest, “Remus?” Sirius grabs hold of him by the shoulders.

“Us,” they all tense more, “They’re creating an army to come after us.”



Ginny moves all of the dishes to the sink with a flick of her wand, “Kids just because I did that doesn’t mean you can use magic to help with every day things.”

“James, Albus, Lily, Rose, Teddy, Scorpius, why don’t you guys go upstairs and play a game.” Harry says nodding to his kids, who all know this is code for ‘us adults need to talk without you listening, but leave anyway.

“At what point am I going to be considered old enough to join these conversations?” Teddy asks leaving the room with the others, “Just saying I’m an adult.”

“Yes but you’re still our son,” Lupin smiles, “Make sure they don’t break anything.” He nods to the door, Teddy nods back and quickly follows the others upstairs’.

“Harry what’s this about?” Ginny asks, resting her hand on top of her husbands.

He lets out a sigh, “We’re going into another war.” Ginny, Hermione and Tonks eyes dart between all of the men.

“What do you mean another war, what’s going on?” Ginny asks again, Harry sighs but doesn’t say anything, so she turns to Lupin instead. “Lupin? What war?”

He leans forward and holds hands with his wife, then looks to the others. “Ilvermorny, a magic school in North America, a lot of the students and their parents are building an army to fight us, Hogwarts, British wizards.”

“Ilvermorny? But why? The school was set up because Isolt Sayre couldn’t go to Hogwarts, why would they want to fight us?”

“How do you know all that?” Ron asks, his wife never fails to amaze him.

“Ron, I’m the Minister of Magic. It’s part of my job to know all of this,” she sighs. “Their reasoning doesn’t matter, their students aren’t allowed their wands outside of the school until they’re adults, the students won’t be able to fight us.”

“Almost the whole school is joining the army, they’ll break that law.” Lupin replies, watching everyones faces drop after losing that bit of hope Hermione had given them. “I don’t know when they’re coming but I know they are, we have to start preparing. The older years in Hogwarts will have to join us, we’ll have to get every wizard in Britain to stand with us.” Quiet sighs escape everyones mouths. “Hermione, can you announce this at the ministry?”

“Yes, I’ll do it tomorrow,” she nods, her eyes focused on Lupin.

“Harry will you come with me to Hogwarts? I’ve arranged to meet with Minerva and Neville there on the first day, we’ll be taking the Hogwarts express.” Harry simply nods, his grip tightening on Ginnys hand. He thought this was all over, he thought he was done with the wars. Last time he had no family left to lose, and he sacrificed himself to save his friends who were, and still are, like family. This time he wouldn’t be able to do that. This time he has his little family to lose. James, Albus, Lily, if the worst happens he will never see them again, if the worst happens to Ginny too then they’ll be left without parents, just as he was. He shook the thought from his head, he couldn’t think like that, they could not lose, they had to win, there was no other choice.

“Draco, join us at Hogwarts?” Harry asks turning his attention to him as he’s been quiet the whole time.

“Of course,” he pauses, “I just, I thought, I hoped, we wouldn’t have to face another war.” He turns his head to the door leading to the stairs, “Not now.” Everyone around the table nods and looks to the door too.

“We all did,” Tonks says, gently gripping Lupins hand.



Lupin looks to Harry and Draco who stand just behind him and nod, he knocks on the door. “Do come in,” Minervas voice can be heard through the door, they all step inside.

“Lupin, Potter, Malfoy, wish I were seeing you again under nicer circumstances,” she nods as she points to the seats in front of her desk, the three men sit.

“Hey Neville,” Harry and Lupin greet as they enter, he simply nods in return.

“I saw Hermiones announcement, a war with the American wizarding school? Is there a way to prevent it?” Neville asks, he still gets the occasional nightmare from the Battle of Hogwarts, he doesn’t want to add another battle to the nightmares.

Lupin looks at him with sympathy, “Not that I can see, I’ve tried contacting the school but the head master wants a war too. I can’t see a way out of this without having the war, but I’m open to suggestions.”

“Well,” the headmistress starts, frowning, she’s been through too many wars, the thought of having to go through another one is too upsetting. “If there really is no other choice then we should start preparing.”

“There has to be another way,” Neville almost pleads to them all, he can’t hide the fear in his eyes, but his look of fear is returned with theirs of fear and understanding. “We have to fight, don’t we?” The others all nod.

“I will not allow the students into this war, Hogwarts will not lose any more students to an adults’ war.” Minerva insists, shaking her head. The number of students who died in the battle was too much for her to think about, the number of students she had taught and were lost in the battle was awful, she won’t let it happen again.

“I understand Minerva but we may not have a choice, we might need the older students to make up the numbers.” Lupin says, leaning forward.

“Remus Lupin. I do not care about numbers, a battle is not won by numbers, a battle is won by skill. We will gather all the wizards we can from across the country but we will put all students and kids somewhere safe. They do not fight this war.” The tone of her voice told him not to fight her on this, he simply nodded and leant back against his chair.

“What do we do from here?” Draco asks folding his arms across his chest.

“We should find somewhere safe for kids and students, they need to be away from this,” Harry says, “We have to make them safe before we can think about strategy.” Everyone nods in response, all trying to think of a place.

“The room of requirement,” Neville suggests. “It’s perfect, on the off chance they get into the school they won’t actually be able to find them. We can make the room give beds and comfy seats and stuff to distract them, and food and water. It’ll work.”

Draco nods, “He’s right, we can give them whatever they need, and if something goes wrong then they’re close enough for us to protect and help them escape.”

“They’re right, and the older students can look after the younger children.” Lupin adds nodding.

“Okay so we will put the students and children into the Room of Requirement while we fight.” Minerva concludes, rubbing her hands on her face, a sign of stress. She is a strong woman, probably the strongest any of these men have met but a third battle is a lot for her to handle again, but she will handle it. No one will take this school away from her, no one will hurt the people she cares about, not again. She would rather sacrifice herself than them lose the battle and school. “Do we know when they will come?”

Lupin shakes his head, “Not sure, but I think within the next month.”

“Well we’re going to have to get a rough date, we can’t keep the kids in the room of requirement for a month.”

“I’ll try and find out a rough date.”

“How are you getting this information?” Harry asks, suddenly realising that he has no idea how Lupin knows they are preparing for a war.

“I have sources in America, they’re on our side and are warning me and telling me everything they know.”

“Can we really trust them?” Neville asks, slightly hopeful that maybe they can’t be trusted and were just lying.

“We can trust them completely,” Lupin says turning his head to face a disheartened Neville.

“Who are they?” Draco asks, hoping to get an answer.

“They were close friends of the Order back in the first fight against Voldemort, they left for America after the war was over to get away from it all, not believing he was gone for good but wanting to bring their kids up away from the dark magic.”

“Right, well you work on getting the date, and the rest of us will gather as many people as we can to help us.” They nod, “Get ready, we’ve got a battle coming.”



“Ginny, if something happens me and Hermione want you to have Rose,” Ron says as Ginny sets down their drinks at the table.

“Nothing is going to happen Ron, you and Hermione will be fine.” Ron looks doubtfully at her, “Harry wants our kids to be left with Sirius, and I’m okay with that but if you could stay close to them,” a smile plays on Ron’s face, “It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s that I want all our kids to grow up together, they’ll be good for each other I think.” Ron smiles and nods, he’d always imagined their kids acting more like siblings than friends.

The front door swings open, hitting the wall next to it with a bag.

“What was that?” Ron says jumping straight up from his seat, wand already in hand.

“HARRY! HARRY! GINNY! GINNY! HARRY!” Lupins voice echoes around the house.

Ron and Ginny look to each other with worry, “LUPIN!” Ron shouts in reply, Lupin comes running into the room.

“Ron! Ginny! Is Harry here too?” He says in a rush.

“No, he’s at the ministry,” Ginny answers, confused.

“Lupin, what is it? Is it the war?” Ron asks calmly, trying hard to not let fear and panic into his voice.

“Tonight. They’re coming tonight.” Ron and Ginnys faces drop, “We need to get everyone to Hogwarts and get all the kids and students into the room of requirement. Now.”



“Look after the younger ones’ alright son?” Lupin pats Teddy on the shoulder affectionately, Tonks quickly giving him a hug after, just before he walks into the room of requirement.

Slightly, further down the corridor Harry is saying good bye to his kids, “We’ll be back in a few hours, look after your sister for us.”

“We want to fight with you,” James protests, lifting his wand, “I know spells, I can help!”

“Honey you know we won’t let you fight, no students are allowed to fight, it’s not safe for you,” Ginny smile and hugs them all.

“But what if something happens to you?” Albus asks, his eyes watering slightly, though he tried to blink the tears back.

Harry kneels down to him and rests his hands on his sons’ shoulders, “If the worst thing happens to us then you’ll live with Uncle Sirius, but it won’t, we’ll be okay. We get through wars, that’s what Potters do. We survive.” He tightens his grip for a second then stands back up and holds Ginnys hand. “Go in, look after each other, behave, and do not come out of this room until an adult you know comes to get you okay?” He instructs his three children who nod and walk into join the others.

“They’ll be okay won’t they?” Ginny asks as they turn and begin to walk away.

“Of course, it’s us you have to worry about. We’ve never fought these people before, we don’t know how they fight, we don’t know how to fight them.”

“We fight them the same way we fought Voldemort, we won then and we can win now,” Hermione replies as she and Ron join them.

“Are all of the students and children safe?” Ginny asks just as they reach the front of Hogwarts, wizards from all over the country are lined up and scattered around, the statues and suits of armour have been ‘woken’ to fight to protect the school and are lining up further forward than any of the people, the first line of defence.

“I can answer yes to that one,” Draco says as he lightly jogs over to join them, “Scorpius was the last to go in.”

“So this is happening then?” Neville asks, standing next to Draco.

“Seems like it.”

“I really thought I wouldn’t have to get through another war,” Neville says with a small sigh.

“We all did.” Lupin agrees as he, Tonks, Sirius and Minerva join them.

“That’s them isn’t it?” Neville says raising his wand, the others follow. Faintly in the distance they could see lights which could only come from wands, hundreds of them. They had come to fight with a proper army, and though they outnumbered the British Wizards they refused to go down without a fight.

“So it begins.”


“I can hear things breaking and smashing, people screaming, we need to get out there!” James, says quietly to Albus.

“Well the only way out is through the only door and there no way you’d get out without someone noticing.”

“But it was unfair of them to lock us in here where we can do anything!” James voice raises and everyone looks at him in silence. After a minute they all turn away as Teddy walks over to them. “Teddy you must want to get out too, right?”

“Of course I do.”

“Right then lets go, people won’t question you leaving, we’ll come with you.”

“James I don’t think that’s the best idea,” Scorpius says leaning forward in front of Albus to see the others.

“Scorpius is right, they kept us in here to keep us safe, they don’t want us fighting.” Teddy nods to them all, he wishes he was out there fighting but he gets why they’re not. “We haven’t got the skill to fight these people, we don’t know their skills, if we were out there our parents would be in more danger because they’d be trying to look after us. If we’re in here they can focus and not worry as much.”

“We haven’t got the skill?” James repeats, “At seventeen they fought in the battle of Hogwarts after spending months on their own looking for horcroxes, before that they had made Dumbledores Army, before that they had beaten Voldemort who knows how many times. They were our are age doing this stuff, we can help.”

“It’s because they were our age that they don’t want us out there,” Teddy explains. “You know everything they went through, who they lost, the amount of destruction they saw over those years. They don’t want us to go through all that. Us staying in here is what’s best.”

“But they got to fight, students got to fight, I want to help.”

“So do I. But they got to fight because they had to, because your dad was in a prophecy with Voldemort, they had no choice. It was their battle. This isn’t our battle; I hope we never have to be in one.” He pauses and looks around the room, at the hundreds of students and children in the room, while their parents are out there fighting to stay alive. “Let them protect us James, be grateful they got through the first battle and hope they get through this one.”

“You think there’s a chance they won’t?” Scorpius asks in a small voice; Teddy give him a sad smile.

“There’s always a chance they won’t. But this isn’t their first war, they know what they’re doing.”



The spells stop. The battle field goes silent. The only sound is the clicking of heels on the ground.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Harry says, a slight laugh escaping his lips, why wouldn’t she be here, on their side, no one has heard from her in years, of course she went to America.

“Oh hello Potter, should have known you would be in the heart of it all.” Her high voice and amount of pink she wears still gives Harry a headache.

“Umbridge.” His wand is still raised at her, prepared to attack.

She gave a slight bow, “Now as I’m sure you can see we have you outnumbered, so if you would all be so kind as to just hand over the school and Ministry that would save us all a lot of trouble don’t you think?” Her voice was too high and cheerful for all the death surrounding her, surrounding all of them.

“What do you want with the school and Ministry Dolores? You won’t be able to run both on your own, and you must have been in America for years at that school, why not just stay there?” Lupin asks, he lowers his wand and others follow, American and British.

“The Ilvermorny school was built because Isolt couldn’t bring her children back to attend Hogwarts, why go to war with us?” Hermione asks.

“Well for that very reason. Isolt couldn’t go to Hogwarts, her children couldn’t, but I can. We’ve come for the school, not for a war.” Umbridge says in a tone that shows she thinks this should be obvious to them.

“What you thought we’d just hand the school over?” Ron asks, amusement can be heard in his voice by the ones who know him well.

“No, I expected a fight,” a smile spread across her face, the only person showing any enjoyment about this situation. “But I think you have lost enough fighters now, so just give us the school and Ministry and we’ll let you leave peacefully.”

Sirius raised his wand, “We didn’t give Voldemort Hogwarts, what on earth makes you think we’d give it to you? You’re not having Hogwarts, or the Ministry. Leave Dolores, and take the poor people you’ve convinced to fight with you as-well.” The rest of the British wizards raise their wands too, following Sirius example, the American wizards stay still, none of them raising their wands, but instead looking to Umbridge for guidance.

“Don’t make us carry on until the war is over Sirius.”

“This isn’t a war Umbridge, look at your ‘army’ they don’t want to be here. They’re looking to you for guidance. Do any of them actually want the school or Ministry?” The American wizards look to and from each other, shaking their heads, none of them want this, but Umbridge is in charge and threaten them all that if they did not come with her voluntarily then she would force them to anyway.

“I want power Mr Potter. They’re here to help me get that.”

“Do they want you to have power, because from the look on their faces, they’re not so sure.” Hermione says, the American witches and wizards all look towards Umbridge, scared of what she might do to them.

“It doesn’t matter what they want as long as they follow all my rules.”


“There no noise any more, is that a good or bad thing?” Lily asks her brothers who look to Teddy for guidance.

“We’ll have to wait and see okay? I’m sure our parents are fine, they’ll come get us soon.” Teddy gives them all a small reassuring smile, the best one he can do at the moment, he doesn’t want them to worry, but he is. He glances towards the door, wondering if he should go out and look, but knowing his parents would be angry is he left the others.


“You don’t need to do this Dolores, you can just leave.” Lupin sighs, his wand still raised.

“No Mr Lupin, you don’t need to do this. Just leave and all will be well.”

“You know we won’t give up Hogwarts and the Ministry, we won’t leave.” Minerva stands with her back straight in a determined powerful voice, they’d been through too much to just give up Hogwarts and the Ministry to Umbridge of all people. She would be with this school until her last breath.

“But we will,” A womans voice sounds from the middle of the American army. There’s movement amongst them and finally the woman gets to the front of the crowd and moves to be in front of Umbridge, her back to the British.

“And what is your name?” Umbridge asks, her voice too high and overly sweet.

“Annie. Annie Johnathan, fifth year at Ilvermorny, and the one who will lead us all back home. This isn’t our war. This has nothing to do with us. This is all to do with your own issues, not ours.” The woman says sternly to the older woman before turning around. “I’m sorry for this, we were all scared of her so did as she said, but what she’s doing here is wrong. We’ll all leave but we can’t help you with her.”

Minerva nods, “Thank you Miss Johnathan.” The girl, Annie, nods and turns back to the Americans.

“This is not our war. We have no reason to be scared of her, we can beat her, we outnumber her. Lets go home.” That is all they needed to hear, someone confidently telling them they shouldn’t be scared of Umbridge, they slowly turned away from Hogwarts and started to head away.

“Walk away Dolores. You’ve lost this battle.” Lupin states, lowering his wand, everyone copies, she won’t be able to take them all down at once on her own, they’re safe.

“But I will win the war. What better way to start the proper war than with the death of Mr Potter?” She quickly raises her wand and points it directly at Harry, prepared to use one of the unforgiveable curses. But Sirius raises his quicker.

“You dare hurt the boy Dolores,” He steps forward and blocks his god-son from the aim of her wand.

“Who is going to stop me Mr Black? You?” She laughs, her overly high pitched laugh that goes through everyone, only she would laugh at such comments.

“Yes me, Miss Umbridge.” If it hadn’t been a serious situation Harry and the others would have laughed at the way he called her ‘miss’ but now wasn’t the time for laughing. “You were able to get to him when he was a student at Hogwarts but I’m here now. Make no mistake, I will not let you do anything to this boy.”

“Well,” her voice had an evil edge to it, as if she had just been pushed too far, her voice wasn’t all cheerful, “I’ll just have to kill you too then won’t I?”

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Sirius and Dolores shout in unison.

Just as the spell leaves both their wands Harry knocks himself, the others around him, and Sirius to the ground quickly.

The spell from her wand just missed Harry’s head. He was the last down. They were safe. She missed.

But Sirius hadn’t.

Her body, fully dressed in bright pink, dropped to the ground in one smooth movement.

They stand back up, but remain silent, all looking at her body. Her still, now lifeless, getting colder by the second, body.


“We need to get out there!” James shouts, gaining the attention of all in the room. “We need to help, we need to make sure they’re okay. We need to see what is going on, it’s been hours!” Everyone around him nods, even those who are too young to attend Hogwarts and didn’t yet have wands. James looks down to Teddy, “Well?” he asks.

“OK. I will go see what is going on, I’ll come back and tell you all what I see. OK?” He stands up and removes his wand from his back pocket, “You all stay in here OK?” They all nod at him, anxious to find out what has happened. Teddy starts to walk towards the door, hoping that when he goes out there he will see good news. Just as he goes to open the door it swings open right in front of him.

The whole room starts to cheer and runs forward looking for their parents, their parents all come running in looking for their children.

Lupin and Tonks wrap their arms tightly around their son making it hard for him to breathe, but he didn’t mind, he returned the pressure.

Rose runs to Hermione and Ron, a smile bright on her face as she jumps into her fathers’ arms, Hermione smiles and hugs them both.

In the corner of the room are the Potters, all hugging each other.

“You came back!” Lily says cheerfully, keeping her arms wrapped around her mothers’ legs.

“Of course they did,” Albus says, looking up to his dad, “They’re Potters, we survive.”

A big smile spreads across Harrys face as he bends down to hug his two sons again, “Yes we do.” He hugs them both closer to him, not wanting to let go just yet.


“Well things are back to normal, we’re all waiting on Sirius again,” Ron laughs before taking another sip of his butterbeer, everyone in the room laughs slightly. Finally, fully relaxing after their battle, it had been a week but they had still been on edge, but sitting here, in the Potters living room, all together, well they were able to fully relax.

There’s a knock at the door, “Well this is him, hopefully,” Ginny smiles. “Though he’s still not just walking in.”

“What have a told you, walking is for muggles. Apparition, that is how a wizard travels!” He throws his arm around Harrys shoulders, “Does this wife of yours ever learn?” He jokes.

“Oh she does,” Harry nods a smile playing on his face, “She just doesn’t listen to you.”

“Understandable, and probably for the best,” He laughs, the rest join in.

As they stop Lupin raises his hand to get their attention. “I have news I would like to share,” he announces.

“It isn’t another war is it? I think I’ve been in enough to last a life time.” Neville states in a half joking voice, though his grip on his glass tightens.

You’ve been in enough wars to last you a lifetime Mr Longbottom?” A smile plays across Minevras face, Neville smiles.

“Well not as many as you, I guess that’s a positive,” He smiles at everyone. Sometimes making jokes about it helps, sometimes.

“No, no war this time,” He grins, “Hopefully never again,” he adds, nodding to Neville, understanding. “This is news about us,” he wraps an arm around his wife, she rests a hand on her stomach, “We’re expecting another child.” A huge grin plays on his face, no one knew he could smile that much. The others in the room, including the children smile and cheer ‘congrats.’

“Congratulations guys, you deserve it,” Malfoy says holding Lupin on the shoulder.

“Who’s ready for food?” Harry asks, smiling at everyone in the room.

They all nod and begin to move to the table.

The kids all sit at one end, the adults at the other.

As they begin to eat their food and look around the table they are all happy. They wouldn’t want to be anywhere else with any other people. This was their family, a little messed up, been through a lot, but they are a family. 

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