{A.I.} Castaway

Third Book in The 'Sneaking Around' Series.

Two years. Haven't seen them. Haven't heard from them. Don't wanna see them. Don't wanna hear from them. But I guess you do things that you don't want to do sometimes.

It sucks.


5. 3

Phoebe opens the door with a box of pizza sitting in one of her hands,her purse on top of the box. She closes the door and sets the pizza on the counter. "Step right up!" She laughs with Sydney and Sophie. I get two pieces and grab a can of grape soda. "Aren't you gonna sit and eat with us,like every other night?" Sophie asks from the table. "No." I say and stalk to my room. I listen to the CD Ashton gave me as I eat. I finish eating and turn off my CD player. I throw my plate in my wastebasket and walk to the door. Just before I unlock it,I hear Sophie's voice. I unlock my door and open it a bit,quietly,so I can listen. "I bet it's just full of pictures of you and the guys and Allison and her. You know,before 2HS happened," She says. "Yeah. I saw it in there. Why do ya ask?" I hear her Converse on the tile floor. "Well,I wouldn't say she doesn't think about it,she probably doesn't want to think about it," Sydney opens her door quietly,which startles me. She puts a finger to her lips,and I see Phoebe behind her. I nod. "Right. Hmmm. I don't think she'd-" She pauses. "No,Ashton,Emily-" Phoebe falls off of Sydney's side,probably because she's in shock that Sophie is talking to Ashton. I wouldn't blame her. I'm surprised too. "Ashton! Emily is dating someone!" Sophie yells. "I AM NOT!" I accidentally yell. "Are to!" Sophie says and presses a button on her phone. "I am not dating him,you liar!" I reply. "Who?!" Ashton demands on the phone. "Emily's dating Lawerence!" Sophie tells him. I run over to where she's standing. Sydney and Phoebe follow. "You mean the dude who told her that I didn't like her,like,forever ago?!?" "IM NOT DATING HIM!!!" "Yeah,that's the one!" "SOPHIE! HE AND I ARE JUST FRIENDS!!" "FRIENDS WHO KISS ALOT!!!" "WE DO NOT!!" "DO TO!" "I HAVENT SEEN HIM IN MONTHS!!" "IF MONTHS MEANS-" "STOP!" Ashton yells through the phone. "Emily,are you dating him?" "She-" Sophie begins. "Sophie,you're not Emily." Ashton reminds her. "Lawerence and I are NOT dating." "Okay. It's settled then." "Good." I reply.  

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