{A.I.} Castaway

Third Book in The 'Sneaking Around' Series.

Two years. Haven't seen them. Haven't heard from them. Don't wanna see them. Don't wanna hear from them. But I guess you do things that you don't want to do sometimes.

It sucks.


17. 15


**Three Days Later**

"Do you have to go to this? You're all scratched up." Mum says,frowning,trying to wipe away my scabs on my forehead. "I'll be fine. They're small anyway. And plus,they can edit them out." I tell her. She sighs. "Oh,alright. You two better behave at the interview,too. And no sex poses! Gross." She tells me and Michael as we leave her house,all dressed up for our bands' interviews and photo shoot. I glare at her over my shoulder as we walk to his car. "Okay. We better pick up the guys and girls." Michael says as we begin driving. "Noooooo." I reply,sarcastically. We pick up my band mates,then his. We're all squeezed into one car until,finally,we arrive at the building. We all climb out and enter. We all take seats,my band on one couch,the guys on the other one. "Okay! Here we are! 2HopelessSkies and 5 Seconds of Summer! The linked bands!" We all smile. "So,what's up between you two?" Abby,the interviewer asks,pointing to me and Ashton. "Actually," Ash begins. I put my elbow on the couch arm,and my hand rubs my forehead. "I want to do something,today." Calum,Luke,and Michael all look at him weirdly. "What's that gonna be?" Abby asks. Phoebe nudges me. "Well,I wanted to ask Emily," Sydney smiles at me and Sophie,getting all excited,whispers,"Here it comes." "If she wanted to,you know,erase," Everyone's smiles drop. "Our past. As if nothing happened." Ashton finishes. I blink a few times to see if I'm dreaming. "What?" Phoebe gasps. "E-erase your past?! Ashton,are you out of your mind?! You and her were the best love story ever! Until-" Sydney pauses. "Until?" Abby says. "It's personal,Abby." I reply. I notice Michael's tense. "Is this because of Emily and Luke a few weeks ago?" Abby asks Ashton. "Not at all,they weren't even dating. It was all a hoax." Ashton replies. "Obviously,Ashton is kidding," Calum speaks up,nervously laughing. "About the erase thing. Right,Ash?" Ashton shrugs. "I mean,erase to fit in all the new memories that might be made,if she accepts this," Ashton says,and stands up. But then kneels in front of me,taking out a box. He opens it,revealing a diamond ring,a tad bigger than Syd's,as it sparkles in the light. Everyone,but Ashton,gasps,including me. "Will you,Emily Renae Woods,take this ring,and live the rest of your days with me,and make me the happiest guy on earth?" Tears escape my eyes. "Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times yes." I reply. He beams and slides the ring onto my finger and then kisses me. 

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