{A.I.} Castaway

Third Book in The 'Sneaking Around' Series.

Two years. Haven't seen them. Haven't heard from them. Don't wanna see them. Don't wanna hear from them. But I guess you do things that you don't want to do sometimes.

It sucks.


13. 11

**Two weeks later**

I look over at Sydney as she bursts through the front door,out of breath. Phoebe and Sophie's doors open and they hurry out in a panic. "What happened?!" Phoebe asks. "Guys! Guess....what!!" Sydney says. "What?" I ask,standing up. She holds out her hand and on her ring finger lies a diamond ring. "Ethan and I are getting married!" She squeals. We all jump up and down. Sophie's purple hair bounces in a ponytail. Phoebe giggles,which is weird for Phoebe. "I can see it all now. You'll be my bridesmaids. And It'll be fantastic and we're gonna have a chocolate fountain and we'll order A Taco Truck and it'll all be great and no drama will be aloud and yeah." Sydney says,smiling. 

**The Next Day**

"You know,Luke's gonna be mad." Sophie tells me as we sit on the bench in the park. "Yeah." I reply. "You think the band's gonna break up? Our band,I mean." Phoebe asks,as we wait for Sydney to show up. I shrug. "Doubt it." I say. "Next thing you know you two will be married and I'll be the loner I am." Sophie comments. I roll my eyes. "Stop being such a Downer Debbie." I tell her. "I'm being serious,guys." Sophie tells us. "Look,Soph,I doubt Josh and I will make it to getting married." Phoebe adds. "You and Josh are soulmates!" I protest. "Says Ashton Irwin's 'Soulmate.'" She says,putting air quotes around Soulmate. Sydney runs up to us. "Look who I brought!" She says and Ashton,Michael,Calum,and Luke are walking behind her. "Sydney!" Sophie hisses. 

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