My not so interesting online diary

This is just my diary about what's happening in my life.


2. 9-26-16

so when I woke up I had a terrible day. My phone didn't charge, my portable charger was dead, and I didn't relize that till I got on the bus. I was having a really good day, dealing with my phone only charged at 25%. So there's this really cute guy at my school. Blondeish brown, small spikey hair, brown eyes. He's my friend's crushes's friend. All three of them ride the bus together. He's a year older than me, and he said he won't date 9th graders. He's name is Ben and I've seen him around tons of times and passed him in the halls this morning. I felt someone staring at my butt to....... then right after lunch when my friend told me his name, as I was walking to seminar, I pulled my hair out from under my backpack trap, AND ALMOST ELBOWED HIM IN THE FACE! I got two new nicknames. Mable, cause I love sweaters and am a hopeless romantic. Then Kokona/Coconuts because my friend is always trying to pair me up with some guy. Then Savannah got the nickname of Giffany, because she's super Yandere about her crush who we call Sues. Suse? Sus? Ses? I don't know..... then my other friend whose name I can't remembers's nickname is Waddles. Cause she follows me EVERYWHERE! The bus ride wad boring, but the second I got home, my mom blasted me with math stuff. I only have like two weeks before I can't do anything else, but still. I can't make up the crap, and she's getting mad. I was so mad. 

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