5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


24. The Ghost


Calum: ash... 

Ashton: calum what are you doing up? it's 3am 

Calum: but we have to wake up early so i slept early and now i am 100% sure that i pooped my pants 

Ashton: do i need to know why? 

Calum: yes, this is serious my life could be in danger as we speak 

Ashton: uhhhh okay? 

Calum: there was like a hooded figure with shoulders

Ashton: are you sure it wasn't you? 

Ashton: i mean that was a pretty crappy description of your own reflection dude 

Calum: ash its not meant to be funny 

Calum: i'm coming to your room and you're not allowed to kick me out bc I'm too cute 

Michael: why don't you go to mikey? 

Calum: bc he's snoring really loudly and i know that he'll somehow get me ending up on the floor the next morning and i can't afford a sore neck for the show tomorrow 

Ashton: luke? what happened to your whole cake thing?

Calum: he's too busy. he doesn't have time for me anymore :( 

Ashton: who says? 

Calum: i do. he spends time with arzaylea and there's nothing wrong with that, they're in love and whatnot. so you're all i've got currently. 

Ashton: well hurry up then :) 

Calum: yaaaaayyy... i would have come even if you said no tho, you know that right? 

Ashton: yes, calum, i knew that 


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